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Campaign Slogans

Winning Campaign Slogans Are More Than a Word Jumble

Campaign slogans can do two things: fall flat or add much-needed zing to a campaign. But how can you differentiate between so-so campaign slogans and one that will work for you? Here are our tips on how you can create winning campaign slogans.

Know your message. When we write campaign slogans, we start by doing the Message Box exercise. It’s a simple way to define the contrast between you and your opponent, which is critical to creating a great slogan.

Create a contrast. With the limited amount of attention that your communications will get, the more focused and contrastive the better. Politics is a comparative business, and you have to define why you will be the best candidate for the job. Good campaign slogans can help with that.

Keep it short. We have seen massively long slogans with folks who refuse to choose a direction for their campaign. Take your time and choose wisely the direction of your campaign, and then create a slogan.

Stay away from a word jumble. Meaningless work assortment (“courage - strength – compassion”) was a popular way for campaigns to create a slogan-less slogan. Not only did this technique make little sense for the campaign, it made even less sense to voters.

Strategy matters. A slogan is only as good as the campaign strategy behind it. A slogan only has power if it is connected to the campaign message. If it's creative, but not connected to what the campaign is saying, it will fall flat. Think of it as a seamless appendage of the campaign.

Don't resort to word karaoke. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but copying a campaign slogan is not usually the best way to win a campaign.

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