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  • Use These Winning Field Strategies for Campaign Success

    Posted on November 16, 2017 by Joe Fuld

    How to Get Results From Field Strategies

    Field strategies don’t always get the yield you were hoping for, especially if you don’t have the right planning behind them. Here are our tips for getting the most out of your field strategies for your political campaign. 

    Plan first: 

    Having a real campaign plan matters. Whether you are running an advocacy, accountability, or political campaign - a real plan will make sure your field strategies have the yield you want. 

    Have a budget:

  • 7 Questions with Dave Fleischer on Deep Canvassing

    Posted on February 02, 2017 by Joe Fuld

    7 Questions on Deep Canvassing

    After disappointing outcomes on Election Day for Democrats across the country, plenty of folks are wondering how we move forward and run better campaigns in the future. Dave Fleischer, the Project Director at the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Leadership LAB,  has big ideas on how campaigns can improve their deep canvassing efforts.

  • How to Be an Awesome Grassroots Organizer|Grassroots Organizing

    Posted on July 28, 2016 by The Campaign Workshop
    Grassroots Organizing

    Learn How to  be a next level Grassroots Organizer. 

    Thinking about being a grassroots organizer? During campaign season every campaign and political organization is looking for “fellows,” otherwise known as unpaid volunteer campaign staff. As a volunteer grassroots organizer you’ll be expected to work 20-40 hours per week dialing incessantly, knocking on strangers’ doors, and building and organizing groups of fellow volunteers to persuade likely voters and GOTV on election day; sounds glamorous, right? While working on a political campaign in any capacity  is an awesome and rewarding experience, the nature of the laborious work involved takes a toll on many campaign organizers and they eventually disengage unwillingly burnout. If you want to stay fired up and be a standout at grassroots organizing, pay heed to the following tips:

  • Grassroots Campaigns: a Political Memory

    Posted on July 06, 2016 by Joe Fuld
    grassroots campaigns memories

    How I Learned Grassroots Campaigns from the Master

    Every Fourth of July, I think about my former boss, Congressman Jim Jontz. Jim taught me the importance of grassroots campaigns, real conversations, and knocking on doors. Jim was a congressman from Indiana’s 5th district and a progressive legend. In his first campaign, he won a state representative seat by 4 votes. He went on to win a state senate seat by less than 100 hundred votes and three congressional elections by less than four thousand votes total.

    I, along with many future campaign operatives, got my start in politics by doing field work for Jim Jontz in a rural Indiana district. There, I spent six months of my life organizing volunteers and knocking on doors and got a great apprenticeship in how to run grassroots campaigns.

  • Tips to Mitigate Volunteer Flake Rate in Your Grassroots Campaign

    Posted on October 17, 2013 by Ben Holse
    5 Tips for Reducing Campaign Volunteer Flake Rate

    Stop Grassroots Volunteers From Bailing

     Running a grassroots campaign is hard.  There are always going to be grassroots volunteers who sign up for shifts and do not show up. That’s why when organizing an event, you can generally assume a 50% flake rate (percentage of grassroots volunteers who do not show up for their shift).  More often than not, however, with the right coaxing, you can get a volunteer, who would have otherwise failed, to turn out for their shift. Below are a few suggestions to help you to mitigate your flake rate.

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