How To Stay On Campaign Message

campaign message

How to stay on message

With the first Democratic debate quickly approaching, let's discuss the importance of a strong campaign message. Presidential debates are a great way to learn what to do and what not to do. Staying on message is an art form, whether you are in politics, advocacy or in business. Below are a few best practices for staying on message.

Pivot, pivot, pivot:

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More Innovative Marketing Campaigns

innovative marketing campaigns

Some of the Most Innovative Nonprofit Marketing Campaigns to Inspire Your Creativity

Our third installment of our picks for innovative nonprofit marketing campaigns is here to inspire  your creativity. This time, we have chosen four creative advertising campaigns that incorporate direct mail, video, and print advertising to convey important messages.

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Advocacy Research—Know Your Options

advocacy research

Explore the Depths of Advocacy Research Options

Advocacy campaigns come in all shapes and sizes. So does the advocacy research you need to build a good campaign strategy. You can and should know your options for advocacy research. In this post we explore the panoply of advocacy research options out there including: polling, focus groups, and experimental testing.

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Great Tips for Canvass and Phone Scripts

Phone scripts

What Makes Great Canvass or Phone Scripts for Voter Outreach?

A great canvass or phone script can mean the difference between gaining and losing a supporter – it’s the key to creating quality voter outreach. Canvass and phone scripts for campaigns come with a variety of goals and content, but there are a few best practices that will help you to develop effective scripts for any context. Here are some quick tips to make your voter contact and advocacy scripts stand out:

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Where Do I Get Voter Data for Democratic Direct Mail and Field Programs?

voter file

Good Voter File=Good Democratic Direct Mail

Most Democratic candidates should be able to get access to a good voter file, with some useful models, through your state party. (Depending on your state party’s rules, you may need to look for another source for some non-partisan city races and/or primaries.) Your state party file is likely your first and best option as a candidate – and uses many of the data sources below – but if that isn’t possible take a look at these firms. All of the descriptions are directly from the firms’ own websites.

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Candidate and Campaign Training

Campaign & Candidate Training Photo 

Candidate and Campaign Training Is a Good Investment

We  create and run custom candidate and campaign trainings for groups and organizations around the country. It is our mission as a company to not only create a and build political and advocacy campaigns but to teach people how to do it better.  We specialize in a layered learning approach to political and campaign management training.  Whether you have the chance to go to one of our trainings or someone else's campaign training, go to a training.  check out our progressive training calendar, we try to keep it up to date.  You would not start a business without learning the skills necessary to run it, don't start a campaign without the right political training.  We encourage candidates and staff to get trained at a candidate and campaign training before  they get involved in a campaign.  The Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute runs candidate and campaign trainings for LGBT candidates. Members of our team have worked with Victory Fund since 1998.  We are proud of this work. Those candidate and campaign trainings can be found here: Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute. If you are a LGBT candidate thinking running for office we hope you will go do a candidate and campaign training soon!

There are lots of great organizations that do candidate and campaign training. Here are some recommendations on other great organizations that do candidate and campaign trainings:

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Obama's Innovations Online and Your Campaign

Obama Innovations Online

Online Advertising Testing

Over the last two Presidential election cycles, the Obama campaign has done some really innovative work online. There has been a lot of discussion in the progressive community about how other campaigns and organizations can take some of these tactics and apply them to their own causes. While it’s true that not all campaigns will have access to the same resources – budget, consultants, in-house staff – that the Obama campaign did, there are still some great lessons that can be applied to your campaign, regardless of size. One of the biggest takeaways from the campaign that can easily be applied to campaigns and organizations of all sizes is testing. The Obama campaign took testing to another level and tested everything from emails to online ads.

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