Whether you’re running for office, trying to get a ballot measure approved or growing your nonprofit, political campaigns and issue advocacy work are complicated endeavors with many moving parts.

From fundraising efforts to social media posts, we know every campaign has a lot of tasks to complete on the way to victory. So, we've compiled a list of 100+ campaign tools to streamline your efforts and help your campaign team collaborate better.

Launching a petition? Want to send mass texts that will actually get read? Need a sleek website? We’ve vetted countless campaign and advocacy tools to find options that solve all of these problems and many, many more.

* Below, you’ll find a responsive list, which allows you to find the best tools for your campaign’s needs. At the top are Joe’s Picks, the favorite campaign tools of TCW president Joe Fuld. You can also search by cost, category or both, to further refine the results.

To find the best tools for your cause, just select the categories you are interested in and the cost you are interested in paying below. You can also select the Joe's Pick button to see Joe Fuld's favorite tools. Your results will be below this section, so make sure to keep scrolling!

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  • WorkFlowy

    WorkFlowy makes list-making more interactive and accessible than ever. Use this paid tool to organize your schedule, keep track of your ideas, and prioritize your to-do’s in a digital notebook. You can even filter your lists by hashtags to quickly find specific items. Try a free demo to see how you can start better organizing your brain.  

  • Wrike

    For small teams are large teams, Wrike helps you organize your projects and increase productivity. Manage project portfolios, track documents, us performance metrics and see instant progress. 

  • Yoast

    We love Yoast. It’s an essential SEO plugin for WordPress and Drupal that will help you to optimize your website so it shows up in web searches (and climbs the rankings).

    Type: Website
  • Zamzar

    We’ve all been there: You need to convert a PDF to a Word file and aren’t sure which site is best or what program you should download. Zamzar converts video, mp3, ebook, PDFs, Excel, Word, etc., without requiring you to download new software.

    Type: Video
  • Zapier

    Make your apps work harder for you. Zapier allows all of your new apps to communicate and share information.

    Type: Data