• 7 Questions with Kim Rogers

    Kim Rogers
    Posted on Aug 15, 2022 by Elizabeth Rowe (she/her)

    An Exclusive Interview with Kim Rogers

    Kim Rogers is an Executive Director at the Democratic Association of Secretaries of State (DASS) where she focuses a lot of her attention on electoral politics. The DASS is committed to both electing and protecting Democratic Secretaries of States. Rogers, along with the DASS, recognize the critical role that Secretaries of States play in ensuring voting access despite efforts to restrict it and, ultimately, in protecting American Democracy by protecting the sanctity of the vote. What is so valuable about…
  • 7 Questions with Career Coach Emily Lamia

    Decide where to go with the help of a career coach
    Posted on Aug 08, 2022 by Ellie Barney

    Career Coach Emily Lamia On Finding a Career After Politics 

    Career coach Emily Lamia has been helping people grow and develop in their careers for over a decade. She has supported countless people to network more effectively, interview more confidently, and think more strategically about how to get where they want to go. Emily worked on political campaigns, the Democratic National Committee, and was the Executive Director of GAIN before she founded Pivot Journeys in 2016 to provide professionals with the strategies and support that they need…
  • 7 Questions with Josh Greene

    Josh Greene
    Posted on Aug 01, 2022 by Kara Yannotta

    7 Questions with Josh Greene of The Mather Group

    Josh Greene is the CEO of The Mather Group - where he focuses on utilizing Wikipedia, SEO, retargeting and pay-per-click (PPC) as means to improve clients’ online presence and website traffic. Josh worked in corporate marketing before starting the Mather group and has a keen understanding of how SEO and web presence can enhance a brand. This week, we asked Josh 7 questions about his work.  In what cases is it beneficial for a company or organization to have a Wikipedia page? In almost all…
  • 7 Questions with Julie Rodgers

    Julie Rodgers
    Posted on Jul 25, 2022 by Gaby Zwolfer

    Julie Rodgers and Outlove: A Queer Christian Survival Story

    Julie Rodgers is a writer, speaker, and leader in the movement toward full inclusion for LGBTQ people in Christian communities. Rodgers has been featured in Pray Away, a documentary about the “pray the gay away” movement, where she talks about her experience as a survivor of conversion therapy. She played a key role in shutting down Exodus International the largest conversion therapy organization in the world. Rodgers is currently serving as a Teaching Fellow at The Faith and Justice…
  • Campaign Mistakes: Warning Signs of A losing Political Campaign

    Campaign Mistakes
    Posted on Jul 18, 2022 by Joe Fuld (he/him)

    Campaign Mistakes: Is Your Political Campaign Headed in the Wrong Direction? 

    Can you spot a losing political campaign? People plan and launch political campaigns with the best intentions, but sometimes they get off track. Can you spot mistakes in your campaign? As a trainer and consultant for over - Here are some warning signs to help you spot and course correct a losing political campaign:  23.” It doesn’t matter how district has performed in the past – I am a transformational candidate” You may be a great candidate, with high name…
  • 7 Questions with Delegate Danica Roem

    Danica Roem
    Posted on Jul 11, 2022 by Elizabeth Rowe (she/her)
    Delegate Danica Roem serves as delegate for Virginia House District 13. Roem served as the first openly transgender in any U.S. state legislature. With a background in journalism and a passion for improving citizens quality of life, Danica was inspired to help solve the issues which she reported on everyday throughout her journalism career. Danica focuses on local issues in her area such as increasing food accessibility to students, increasing teacher pay, and fixing transportation in District 13. Danica recently released her new book Burn the Page: A…
  • Media Consolidation Changed Political Campaigns

    Media Consolidation
    Posted on Jun 27, 2022 by Joe Fuld (he/him)

    Media Consolidation Makes It Harder to Localize a Message

    During this midterm election season, the media landscape is an important place for campaigns and organizations to look as they plan for the fall.  As we continue to see, all elections in the US have become more and more nationalized. We first wrote about this in 2015 and the trend of national owned media has continued. Since 2005, over 2000 local papers have closed. When…
  • Supply Chain Problems for Nonprofits and Political Campaigns

    Supply Chain
    Posted on Jun 20, 2022 by Joe Fuld (he/him)

    Supply Chain Problems and Solutions for Nonprofits & Campaigns  

    Supply chain issues are real for political campaigns and nonprofit organizations. So, if you are running any kind of campaign in 2022 or 2023 be prepared. The supply chain issues will cause stress when it comes to voter and member outreach in 2022. From labor shortages, shipping delays, paper shortages, envelopes shortages and a host of other supply issues. Supply chain and labor issues will impact all tactics. Don't think this is just a direct mail problem. Digital, phones,…
  • Independent Expenditure Campaign Planning

    Brain made out of yellow paper
    Posted on Jun 13, 2022 by Phoebe Retta (she/her)

    Independent Expenditure Success Starts with a Plan

    Here at The Campaign Workshop, we have written a lot about independent expenditure strategy in the past, but the key takeaways never change: 1.    Know your goals. 2.    Do no harm. 3.    Don’t duplicate efforts. Today, I want to share a little more about that last point. Campaigns are complex beasts, and there are a thousand ways you could…
  • How to Craft a Fitting Campaign Slogan

    political campaign slogan
    Posted on Jun 06, 2022 by Kata Grosman Fernandez (she/her)

    Why You Should Care about Your Campaign Slogan- And How to Make a Good One

    What are campaign slogans, and do you really need one? Below you will find everything you need to know about slogans and how to write one that will motivate people to vote for you. Since a campaign slogan is all about whittling down your campaign message to a tiny slice, if you haven’t done so already, check out our blog on using the seven c’s…
  • Campaign Job Descriptions: Winning campaign Team = Clear Campaign Roles

    close up of someone writing out  a campaign job application
    Posted on May 30, 2022 by Phoebe Retta (she/her)

    Campaign Job Descriptions To Build My Campaign Team.

    Once you’ve decided to run for office, one of the first things you’ll have to do is think about campaign structure. Define your campaign roles— paid and unpaid— and write out campaign job descriptions that will help you build a winning campaign team. A candidate’s campaign staff is incredibly important in making a campaign not only successful, but also more manageable and fun for the candidate and everyone else involved. Naturally, larger campaigns will require a more robust team, but even a…
  • Why You Should Start Your Signature Gathering Effort Early

    Signature gathering
    Posted on May 23, 2022 by Ben Holse (he/him)

    It Pays Off to Start Signature Gathering in Advance 

    For groups and organizations that are interested in getting a measure on the ballot, signature gathering can be a costly, time-intensive, and pain-staking affair. You’ll need to raise the money to pay an expensive field consultant to manage the process for you. There’s a steady unease about hitting your numbers, and all of this is compounded with the stress of knowing that the success of your effort hangs in the balance.  That’s why we recommend starting your signature gathering process early…
  • Midterm Elections - How Should a Democratic Campaign Plan?

    Midterm Elections
    Posted on May 16, 2022 by Joe Fuld (he/him)

    Midterm Elections - How Should a Democratic Campaign Plan?

    As you plan for midterm elections, especially if you’re progressive democrat, you may not want to leave your house. With all the things going on in the country it may seem like the midterm elections are a forgone conclusion and not in a good way. Historical trends come to a similar conclusion. In this post we will detail the historical trends of midterms, talk about contributing factors, and what Democrats and progressives can do to make a difference in election outcomes this year. What…
  • Opposition Research, or How Knowledge is Power

    Opposition research - green chat bubble with a thumbs down and red chat bubble with a thumbs up
    Posted on May 09, 2022 by Kata Grosman Fernandez (she/her)

    Why Opposition Research Should Be on Your Campaign "To-Do" List 

    Can I do my own opposition research? You may think opposition research is really only something Independent Expenditures need, but that isn’t the case. Opposition research can serve a purpose on every type of campaign. Although Google searches can provide some insight to an opponent’s background and any news coverage, there are…
  • Political Campaign Budget - The Complete Guide

    Political campaign budget: piggy banks from small to large
    Posted on May 02, 2022 by Martín Diego Garcia (he/him)

    Checkout our Complete Guide to Building a Robust Campaign Budget to Help You Build Your Own

    Political Campaign Budget Reality Check If there’s one common thread that runs through the progressive movement and Democratic political campaigns, it’s that they are very often operating with a limited budget. This fact makes having a political campaign budget critically important, because you must be strategic with how your resources are spent and get the most out of each dollar. A political campaign budget can go in an endless series of directions…