• 7 Questions on Political Parties with Seth Masket

    7 Questions on Political Parties with Seth Masket
    Posted on Jul 16, 2018 by Elena Veatch

    Political parties matter. So does the activism that changes them in the long run. 

    Seth Masket is a political scientist based at the University of Denver who specializes in political parties, campaigns and elections, and state legislatures. In 2016, he authored The Inevitable Party: Why Attempts to Kill the Party System Fail and How they Weaken Democracy. Seth Masket writes a weekly column with Pacific Standard. He is a founder of and regular contributor to Vox’s Mischiefs of Faction political science blog. His research has also been featured in The Washington Post, The New York Times, FiveThirtyEight, and Politico. We asked Seth Masket for his take on the current state of political parties and the implications for midterms and 2020.

  • Campaign Fundraising: Cash on Hand vs. Money Raised

    Campaign fundraising: cash on hand vs. money raised
    Posted on Jul 12, 2018 by Joe Fuld

    Why cash on hand matters for campaign fundraising.

    Campaign fundraising is on everyones mind. A candidate calls a frequent donor and asks for help. The donor asks the candidate, “What is your cash on hand?” The candidate answers, “I have raised a total of $350,000 dollars.” “Great,” the donor responds, “but what is your cash on hand?” “$35,000” says the candidate. “Umm. Let me get back to you,” the donor replies and hangs up. Ouch.

  • 7 Questions with BallotReady

    7 Questions with Alex Niemczewski
    Posted on Jul 09, 2018 by Elena Veatch

    7 Questions with Alex Niemczewski, CEO of BallotReady

    Alex Niemczewski is the CEO of BallotReady, an online voter guide for local, state, and national elections. In 2015, BallotReady started with a test run in Chicago’s 2015 mayoral runoff election on a budget of only $180. This year, BallotReady will be available in all fifty states.

  • Using Twitter For Your Next Campaign

    How Use Twitter as a Tool During Your Next Campaign
    Posted on Jul 05, 2018 by Joe Fuld

    How To Use Twitter as a Tool During Your Next Campaign

    Since President Obama’s use of social media revolutionized modern campaigning, sites like Twitter have become hotbeds of political activity, discussion, and advocacy. For political candidates, maintaining an engaging and active Twitter account has become one of the most effective ways to connect with voters and expand campaign awareness. While headlines are plagued with news of erratic and inaccurate Twitter updates, succumbing to Twitter mistakes can turn your account into a detraction instead of a tool. Here are a few of my tips to ensure that you’re ready for Twitter domination.

  • 7 Questions about GDPR with Ecanvasser

    GDPR with Ecanvasser
    Posted on Jul 02, 2018 by Hope Rohrbach

    7 Questions About GDPR with Encavasser

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is, in brief (hold on tight, this may take awhile) legislation covering any organization that holds personally identifiable data about EU citizens. It forces these organizations to manage and control this data in a clear and transparent way. From a political or advocacy viewpoint, areas of particular concern would be gaining consent to hold voter data, dealing with mandatory requests for information from voters, and, of course, the reputational damage accruing from data breaches. GDPR is being taken so seriously because the fines for non-compliance run to €20 million or 4% of annual revenue for bigger organizations.

  • Should I Fire my Political Consultant or Campaign Manager?

    Political Consultant
    Posted on Jun 28, 2018 by Joe Fuld

    Is it time to fire your political consultant?

    It is that time of year when things may not be going the way you want them to. You are behind in the polls. You are not getting press attention. There is not as much money in the bank as you thought. You feel a ton of pressure. Your consultants and your manager are not working as hard as you are. Not enough people know about your campaign. You are not on television yet. Your opponent has more Facebook friends than you do. Your campaign manager is an asshole. Your political consultants don't call you enough. You have the wrong strategy. You think it is time to fire everyone. The list goes on and on!

  • 7 Questions w/ Dan Siegel of Jefferson's List

    7 Questions w/ Dan Siegel
    Posted on Jun 25, 2018 by Mike DeVoll

    7 Questions with the co-founder of Jefferson's List," Dan Siegel

    Dan Siegel is the co-founder of "Jefferson's List," a startup that connects candidates with political professionals and makes the hiring process more transparent. Prior to the creation of "Jefferson's List," Siegel opened a consulting firm to bring high-quality management talent to down-ballot races. Dan has run 26 campaigns in six states. He is a member of a number of local and national organizations including New Leaders Council, Leadership Philadelphia, and the Truman National Security Project. He graduated with a B.A. from the University of Rochester in 2010. 

  • Political Candidates Can't do Everything

    Good political candidates delegate
    Posted on Jun 21, 2018 by LaTwyla Mathias

    Political Candidates Must Learn to Delegate

    The process for finding good political candidates doesn’t involve filling out a job application. When a candidate decides to run for office, they may not realize that the time commitment requires hours of work and many more hours in the day. Sadly, the time commitment it takes to be a political candidate is not changing anytime soon.

  • Coalition Building: a winning receipe for your Campaign

    coalition building
    Posted on Jun 20, 2018 by The Campaign Workshop

    How coalition building can help political and advocacy campaigns succeed 

    Your organization has spotted a need for change, and you are ready to do something about it. Often, the hardest part of what comes next is figuring out how to get started. Do you have enough resources, money and otherwise, to make this happen? Are there people out there who also care about your advocacy issue, and is there anyone who might be inclined to work against you? How will you reach all the right people within a given timeline? These things can be difficult to tackle alone, and that’s why building a coalition can be extremely helpful.

  • In Non-Partisan Elections Ideology Matters

    Non-Partisan Elections
    Posted on Jun 20, 2018 by Joe Fuld

    No Party, No Ideology in Non-Partisan Elections? Think Again.


    We work on a lot of down-ballot county and municipal campaigns across the country. Many of these races—including campaigns for judge, sheriff, county executive, school board, city council, and mayor—are non-partisan, meaning candidates do not run with a political party designation. However, don’t let the absence of party labels fool you into thinking you can run a campaign without staking out your ideology. In local non-partisan elections, ideology matters – and so does having a vision that spans beyond anti-Trumpism.

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