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Digital Video Ads and Evaluating Campaign Strategy

Tune into this week's #WorkshopWednesday as Joe previews our recent blog posts and exciting content that is coming out this summer! He discusses the power of digital video ads. In the ever-evolving landscape of political campaigns, understanding the nuances of digital video is crucial for a successful digital ad strategy. For more information, read this week's blog post here. 

7 Questions with Joe Sangirardi

This week, we interviewed activist Joe Sangirardi. Joe is a LGBTQ+ activist and professional nonprofit and political fundraiser. Currently, Joe serves as the Development Director for California YIMBY, California’s state-wide housing policy reform and advocacy organization. He is deeply passionate about climate change, housing, public transportation, good government, and revitalizing the LGBTQ+ legacy of his chosen home, the Castro. In this Workshop Wednesday video, Martín overviews highlights from the interview, including fundraising best practices and tips for how to become involved in the causes you care about. You can read the full interview on our blog or listen to it on our podcast.

Deep Canvassing and Leadership Development

Deep canvassing and Leadership development are two topics we have been digging into. In this week's Workshop Wednesday, Joe talks about our interviews with Dave Fleischer on deep canvassing and Katie Belanger on leadership development.

7 Questions Interviews

In this week's Workshop Wednesday, Joe overviews a roundup of 7 questions interviews we've done with some of our favorite content creators, influencers, and authors in the progressive space. He discusses our interviews with Susan Markham, Daniel Hernández Jr., and Hal Malchow.

Deep Canvassing Webinar with Dave Fleischer

Tune into the recording of the webinar we did with campaign expert Dave Fleischer on leveraging the power of deep canvassing in your campaigns. Watch to gain valuable insights, tips, and tricks that will elevate your campaign by incorporating deep canvassing.

7 Questions with Katherine Miller & Tips for Leaving Twitter

In this week's Workshop Wednesday video we talk about our interview with Katherine Miller about her new book At the Table: The Chef's Guide to Advocacy,  as well as tips for advocacy campaigns. Joe overviews highlights from the interview and gives tips from our updated post on the nonprofits leaving Twitter/X. For more information, check out our blog here.

Digital Political Advertising

As we move into the heart of the 2024 election cycle, more people will be dedicating time and resources to creating digital political advertising plans. Tune into this week's Workshop Wednesday video as Ben overviews some of our top tips and tricks for digital political advertising.

Ballot Measure Digital Video Tips

This week, Martín discusses our top ballot measure digital video tips. Anyone who’s worked on a ballot measure campaign will tell you, that ballot measures tend to fly under voters’ radar.

Ballot Measures, Campaign Planning, Brandon Wolf -7Qs

This week, Joe overviews our January blog content. He introduces our 2024 7 questions series, which we kicked off with our interview with Brandon Wolf. SHe also overviews some of our updated blogs on ballot measures, as well as tips and tricks for campaign planning and campaign training. Finally, he discusses our choice to leave X/Twitter.

Advocacy Hurdles and Advocacy Strategy Tools

This week, Joe discusses common advocacy hurdles and how to plan ahead to avoid them as much as possible. Additionally, he shares some of our favorite advocacy strategy tools that will help you prepare your advocacy plan for 2024.

Member Communications and Political Campaign Trainings

This week, Joe discusses tips for successful member communications and digs into key aspects of what a successful member communications outreach plan looks like. Additionally, Joe talks through the importance of attending a political campaign training if you are running for office or thinking about running in the future.

Advocacy Marketing Tips & Tricks

This week, we discuss some of our top advocacy marketing tips. From setting goals to knowing your audience, we breakdown 10 essential tips for any advocacy marketing campaign.

Independent Expenditure Campaigns Assets

What information independent expenditure campaigns can use depends on who you ask, and what set of laws you’re covered by. Learn more about what assets IE campaigns can use by tuning into this week's Workshop Wednesday video.

Win a Party Convention Fight & Campaign Plan Tips

This week, Joe overviews the party convention fight process and some of TCW's top tips for winning a party convention. Additionally, he discusses 9 campaign plan tips that will help you plan for this fall or your 2024 campaign. Check out this week's Workshop Wednesday to learn more about these topics and what's happening at TCW!

Political Campaign Strategy

This week, we discuss how to build a strong political campaign strategy to help you successfully run, and win, your campaign. Tune into this week's Workshop Wednesday video as Martín overviews some of the fundamentals of campaigns that can mean the difference between building a winning or losing campaign strategy.

Training Tips and Advocacy Tools

This week, Joe shares some of our favorite training tips and tricks. We run all kinds of training from advocacy to politics, as well as different formats ( in person, virtual, etc) and share ways we keep audiences engaged. Additionally, Joe overviews advocacy strategy tools that will aid any successful campaign and weighs the pros and cons of each tool.

Patch-Through Calls

Organizations and campaigns have used patch-through calls for years when they need many people to reach out to elected officials. But in an era of cord-cutting and digital everything, will folks still take the time to get patched-through to a lawmaker? And will lawmakers listen? This week, we dig into all things patch-through calls to help you dial-in on a strategy to best use phones for advocacy.

Advocacy Videos

This week, we discuss all things advocacy videos and share our tips and tricks on how to develop a creative and engaging video. Tune into this week's Workshop Wednesday video for some of our favorite tips to get you started and ensure your videos are relatable and accessible.

Advocacy Engagement Funnel & Grasstops vs Grassroots

This week, Joe digs into what the advocacy engagement funnel is and how you can use it to turn supporters into engaged activists. He also digs into the difference between grasstops and grassroots advocacy and discusses whether or not you need both.

Volunteer Recruitment for Grassroots Campaigns

Volunteer recruitment is never easy. At The Campaign Workshop, we've heard every excuse for grassroots campaigns not meeting their grassroots recruitment goals. This week, we discuss 16 recruitment tips to get your grassroots campaign up and running.