The Campaign Workshop Video Reel: Award-Winning Video Production

TCW Award-Winning Video Production

Check out our demo reel! Here at The Campaign Workshop, we’ve produced award-winning videos for various progressive issue advocacy groups, political and candidate campaigns, independent expenditures, and nonprofit organizations around the country. We know how to tell stories that cut through the noise to make issues both more tangible and relatable to the average voter. We write and concept our videos in-house and collaborate with a team of crews, videographers, animators, and editors who have been working with us for years. We are proud of the video production work we do.

Whether we’re fighting for a more responsive democracy, a cleaner environment, or a government that protects all people, our video content inspires and mobilizes the target audience to take action.

We are a small but mighty political consulting firm and we are dedicated to helping progressive causes. We promise to deliver strong creative results for our clients that make an impact. 

Watch our demo reel and reach out!