TCW Affiliate Marketing Disclosure

Our Affiliate Marketing Policy

At The Campaign Workshop, our goal is to provide progressive causes and candidates with the best quality information and products. As a part of our mission, we offer strategic advice and product reviews across our content offerings. This includes our blog, e-Books, webinars and social media channels.

We do receive compensation through affiliate marketing relationships with some of the merchants that are listed on this site. This relationship in no way affects our content or our opinions of a merchant’s products or services. We do not offer paid advertising on our site and there is no charge to view our content. Companies cannot pay to be on our site, or for a more favorable review or placement. Our site is funded by our core business and services–we receive a limited income from our affiliate relationships.

If you carry a TCW-recommended product and are interested in developing an affiliate partnership with us, please reach out at If you are interested in sponsoring a podcast or training, please reach out at