Membership Drive

With Membership Drive, organizers can interact with people in real time. With this tool, you can create a database of advocates you have acquired through street and door-to-door canvasses, petitions, web engagement, and events making it easier to organize and move your supporters to take action.

Digital 8

From NGP VAN and Everyaction, Digital 8 is a comprehensive suite of digital tools that allow campaigns and organizations to raise more money and drive more action. Featuring a standalone suite of email, online and social tools with one-click actions, mobile-optimized forms, free social matching, Facebook ads integration.

List Builder

List Builder from Targetsmart is a new query tool from Targetsmart that provides campaigns and organizations an all in one way to analyze campaign districts and purchase data.


@mssg is a communication platform that gives you the power to collect data from users, engage with them one on one and quickly send out messages to users. Drive your next campaign actions with @mssg as your medium.


With Countable, constituents can easily contact, demand action from, and hold their lawmakers accountable. Countable allows you to put petitions onto the site, get people to sign your petition, create and share videos, and take action on your behalf.



Need a way to track and manage your budget and cash on hand? Warchest is a budgeting solution that allows you to put all your expenses and contributions in one place. Warchest allows collaboration and also provides read-only accounts to allow you to share your budget with others without putting too many chefs in the kitchen.

Victory Guide

Save money and time by automating your voter outreach process. Victory Guide is great for small campaigns that don’t have a lot of time to cut and plan turf because it provides you with tasks to help meet your campaign goals daily. This tool allows you to pinpoint supporters, highlight issues, and track the progress of your canvass in neighborhoods, quickly and easily.

10 More Votes

Voter outreach just got easier. 10 More Votes doubles the efficiency of calling, texting, and canvassing voters by putting everything within the same app, generating 10 actions on the screen for anyone with a smartphone to contact.

Team App

With this tool, you can organize volunteers into teams to initiate and measure friend-to-friend conversations online that help register, persuade, and turn out voters. With Team, you can urge your volunteers to share information through their social media channels, and track what content volunteers are engaging with to see what resonates with your audience.


Unlock the power of data through Esri. This GIS mapping software allows users to turn data into compelling story maps allowing advocates to reach their audience in a new way.