• Direct Mail Pricing

    Our team has been designing and producing direct mail since before Al Gore invented the Internet. Pricing includes the costs of art, copywriting, printing, bindery, and mailshop services. The cost per piece depends on the size of the mailer and the print run, and we will work with you to create a program that fits your campaign and your budget. We work only with union vendors, and we print locally and ship to regional postal centers to keep your costs down. Data fees are billed per voter file record, if applicable.

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  • Digital + Media Buying

    We’ll work with you to create a scalable, effective digital program to push your campaign or advocacy program across the finish line. Pricing includes creative fees for one size, with resizing and management fees billed separately or at an hourly rate. Creative fees are specific to ad type (static, video, or animated). All media buys include a 15% commission on the gross total of the buy. From programmatic buying to social media to cost per acquisition, we’ll combine state-of- the-art targeting with exceptional creative to meet your strategic needs and stay within your budget.

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  • Consulting

    We’re a group of dedicated progressives with decades of combined experience and a passion for campaigns (from candidate work to advocacy, you name it, we’ve done it). We provide strategic and tactical advice to maximize your campaign’s messaging impact. Consulting time is billed either on an hourly basis (depending on the seniority of the staff member) or as a monthly retainer fee for a set number of hours.

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  • Training Costs

    We have years of experience building custom training programs to prepare candidates, campaign staff, and advocates for success. Pricing includes a curriculum development fee and a flat rate per day to conduct the training (with a discounted pricing available for multi-day trainings). Travel and other expenses are billed at-cost.

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  • Content Marketing Pricing

    Traditional marketing talks at people, content marketing talks with them. We can work with you to create custom content to drive traffic and engagement to your website. We have years of experience building strategic content marketing for clients and our own company. Whether it’s creating content strategy, building content calendars, keyword research, optimizing SEO, or lead nurturing and automation, we can work with you to create a content marketing strategy that will advance your campaign or organization’s goals. Our content marketing services are billed either on an hourly basis (the rate depending on the seniority of the staff member) or we can work with you to develop a monthly retainer fee for a set number of hours based on the size and scope of the work. 

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