• Political Campaign Strategy Tips

    Mar 02, 2020 by Joe Fuld and Sophie Thurber

    Political Campaign Strategy

    A Strong Political Campaign Strategy Means a Strong Campaign

    At any level, campaign fundamentals can mean the difference between building a winning or losing political campaign strategy. A lot of this will seem like common sense (and it is), but bear with me, because a lot of this stuff often falls by the wayside as campaigns are being built. In essence, a strong political campaign strategy (meaning, the overall plan to achieve an electoral victory) should rest on a foundation of some very basic building blocks and principles that will help to carry you across the finish line.

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  • Inside the Campaign Studio with Campaign Strategist Nancy Leeds

    Aug 11, 2016 by Joe Fuld

    Nancy Leeds Campaign strategist

    Campaign Strategist; Nancy Leeds

    This week's campaign strategist is Nancy Leeds. Nancy is a writer and Political Campaign Operative who recently earned her MPA in Social Policy and Management at Columbia University. Sometimes people hire her to work on their non-profits and campaigns. When that happens, these opinions are still hers and do not reflect those of her candidates.

    As a campaign strategist, what is your least favorite campaign term? Why?

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  • Campaign Basics: A Guide to Democratic Direct Mail Targeting

    Dec 12, 2013 by The Campaign Workshop

    Campaign Basics: A Guide to Democratic Direct Mail Targeting

    Using Advanced Data & Models for Democratic Direct Mail Targeting

    Data has come a long way as far as accessibility. For some, Democratic direct mail targeting used to be seen as a mysterious realm where your consultants pulled your targets out from behind a magic curtain. With the advent of modern voter file software by folks like Catalist, NGP VAN, Targetsmart, NationBuilder and L2, you can have direct access to the voter data and models you need to make targeting decisions for your campaign. But if this is the first time you are running a campaign or working with voter data, here are some tips for Democratic direct mail targeting, these tips will also be helpful in developing your field and phone program.

    Get access to a good voter file. You should be able get access to a good voter file through your Democratic state party, but in some municipal campaigns and primaries that might not be possible. Some other options to look at for Democratic direct mail targeting are Catalist, Labels and Lists, and NationBuilder. They – and a number of other firms – all have good voter files and most offer at least some basic models to help you identify your best targets.

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