• Member Communications: If You Endorse a Candidate Let People Know!

    Mar 21, 2022 by Joe Fuld (he/him)

    Member Communications

    Member Communications: Have a Plan for Endorsement Communications 

    But, to do member communications right you need to plan way ahead. In this post we revisit an endorsement process and help define ways to promote and streamline goals for endorsements and recommendations.  

    Many organizations recommend or endorse candidates – but often it is not clear, why and how they endorse or recommend. Make sure folks know the reason and process by which you endorse. A clear process gives your endorsement more credibility and authority. 

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  • Campaign Endorsements; Turn Support Into a Victory at the Polls

    Jul 20, 2020

    Campaign endorsements rainbow colored hands all doing a thumbs up-

    Campaign Endorsements Are Critical to a Win

    Campaign endorsements can make or break a race for a candidate. But how do you get them and what do you do with them? Below are tips on how to determine which endorsements to go after and what to do after you get them to get as much mileage as possible out of your campaign endorsements.

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