Issue Advocacy Campaign Startup Guide

Picture of a finger adding the last missing puzzle piece to a otherwise completed puzzle.

Your Issue Advocacy Campaign Startup Guide

Issue advocacy campaigns start with the best of intentions. We begin with a coalition who cares about your issue and want to make a real difference. But without a bit of campaign know-how, you will fall off track.  Here are ten common, advocacy campaign mistakes along with tips on how to avoid these errors.

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Voter Data for Democratic Direct Mail and Field Programs

Data on Democratic direct mail

Good Voter File = Good Democratic Direct Mail

Most Democratic candidates should be able to get access to a good voter file, with some useful models, through your state party. (Depending on your state party’s rules, you may need to look for another source for some non-partisan city races and/or primaries.) Your state party file is likely your first and best option as a candidate – and it likely uses many of the data sources below – but if that isn’t possible take a look at these firms. After all, your Democratic direct mail is only as good as the data you use to send it. All of the descriptions are directly from the firms’ own websites.

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