political direct mail practices

Political Direct Mail Best Practices

by Elena Veatch

For over a decade, folks have written off political direct mail as a remnant of the past akin to the flip phone. In reality, political direct mail is still thriving in the digital age—and it’s playing far more than a supporting role. Direct mail and television ads  traditionally account for about half of all media spending (whereas digital ads account for only five percent of paid communications budgets on average). While mail won’t be a good fit for every political or advocacy campaign, there’s a reason it’s stuck around for so long: it’s an effective medium for persuading and mobilizing voters.

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Political Direct Mail Glossary

by Sophie Thurber (She/Her)

The world of political direct mail involves a lot of terms you don’t hear in everyday conversation (unless you’re one of the few amazing people who love direct mail so much that USPS regulatory updates figure prominently at your weekly coffee klatch, in which case, you’re a star).

red tag

What is Red Tag Political Mail?

by The Campaign Workshop

Red tag political mail is a mystery to some. You may wonder how the United States Postal Service (USPS) treats the massive amount of campaign mail that moves through the postal system each election. The "secret" is red tag political mail. We write about this in our direct mail ebook. The USPS has a very effective system for identifying political mail and moving it quickly through the mail stream and into mailboxes before Election Day.