Can Love Trump Family Politics This Holiday Season?

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How to navigate the minefield of family politics during the holidays 

As folks make the trek back home for the holidays, family politics can create even more conflict. This week we took a different turn; instead of talking about political strategy which is the main focus of this blog, we asked for help on navigating family politics from the professionals. Our final interview is a deep dive into family politics with Edward Honnold; a therapist in D.C.

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Don’t Let Family Politics Trump Your Holidays | Rev. Tim Schenck

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Navigating Family politics: How do you talk with your politically divided family? 

Going home for the holidays can be tough especially when you're anticipating the next conversation with Auntie Jean about President Donald Trump. As folks head home for the holidays, we want to make sure you're prepared to sit at the dinner table and navigate family politics with those who don't politically agree with you.

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Family Politics: Can My Family Be Stronger Together During the Holidays

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Don’t Let Family Politics Get the Better of You

Our contributor today is Bob Kearney, who had worked in politics for many years before becoming a social worker. Bob and I have worked together on many a campaign, and he has a unique understanding of the stresses folks are going through this time of year and had some very actionable answers to my questions on navigating family politics.  

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