• Political Campaign Staff Hiring Guide: Traits Matter More Than Experience

    Sep 17, 2020 by Joe Fuld

    woman with a flag leading other professionally dressed people

    Traits for Political Campaign Staff and Tips to Hire Great Staffers  

    Whether you're running for city council or congress, hiring your political campaign staff is an essential part of the electoral success. Managing budgets, raising money, running social media, building field programs, prepping candidates for public appearances, and implementing campaign strategies; the political campaign staff is the backbone of every campaign. 

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  • Four Questions to Answer Before Starting a Political Campaign

    Aug 29, 2019 by Ben Holse

    Little girl in stripes raising her hand in a classroom with two classmates behind her

    What Should You Know Before Jumpstarting a Political Campaign

    At The Campaign Workshop, we will often get calls from folks who are thinking about starting up a political campaign for the first time but don’t know where to begin.

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  • 6 Traits to Look for in a Political Campaign Manager

    Jul 15, 2019 by Brooks Perks


    Ensure you Hire the Right Political Campaign Manager 

    Whether you're running for city council or congress, hiring a skilled political campaign manager is an essential part of your electoral success. From brainstorming campaign strategies and managing budgets to prepping a candidate for public appearances, the political campaign manager is the backbone of every campaign.

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  • Voter Contact Tactics for a Winning Political Campaign

    Mar 04, 2019 by Elena Veatch

    Neon green sticky notes with words, "yes" and "no" on them to symbolize the importance of prioritizing when running a political campaign

    Which Tactics Belong in Your Political Campaign Budget?

    You’ve decided you’re ready to run for office and now it’s time to budget for a winning political campaign—where to begin?

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