• Content Marketing is a Team Sport

    Feb 28, 2019 by Hope Rohrbach

    Diverse group of individuals working together to improve their content marketing efforts

    How Small Teams Can Leverage Content Marketing to Reach Their Business Goals

    Five years ago, we started The Campaign Workshop blog to share our knowledge with an online community of advocates, nonprofits, labor unions, staffers, campaign operatives, political candidates, and progressive groups and organizations. Today, we have over 650 blog subscribers and 20,000 monthly unique page views to our website, which has far exceeded our expectations.

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  • Political Advertising Agency vs. Traditional Advertising Agency

    May 05, 2016 by Joe Fuld

    political ads vs traditional advertising

    What Is the Difference between a Political Advertising Agency and a Traditional Advertising Agency?

    As a political advertising agency, we work with campaigns and groups all over the country and it never fails that in many conversations, the candidate’s spouse uncle, cousin, works or has worked in advertising.  We sometimes compete with traditional advertising firms and I have had folks ask me the question what is the difference between a political advertising agency vs a traditional ad agency? The answer is a there are lots of differences. 

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  • Political Advertising Mediums

    Jun 18, 2015 by Ben Holse

    Political Advertising Mediums

    The Pros and Cons of Political Advertising Mediums

    Political campaigns have a number of options when it comes to political advertising. Which political advertising medium a campaign chooses depends largely on their strategic objectives, targets, and, of course, budget. Below is a very general overview of the most common modern candidate campaign communication mediums and their pros and cons.

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  • Online Advertising Doesn't Mean Instant

    Nov 14, 2013 by Sophie Thurber

    Online advertising Doesn't Mean Instant

    Fast and Instant Are Different

    While it’s true that the world of online advertising is fast-paced, and it certainly gives us information much more quickly than any other medium, banking on instantaneous traction is a good way to fall short of your goals.  This is because online advertising is not a synonym for instant. Planning ahead will give you time to really define your goals and make sure your campaign has the right components and the right timeline to achieve them.

    Where some sites, like Facebook, get ads up and running quickly with very little turnaround time, others, like Google, have an internal review process that can sometimes take a couple of business days.  If you’re trying to run a online advertising campaign that lasts a week, and you’ve only given yourself 24 hours lead time, you will end up eating into some of that run time.

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