7 Questions with Paul Lage

Paul Lage

7 Questions with Paul Lage, CEO of Gill Studios

Paul Lage is the President and CEO of Gill Studios, which includes Gill-line: the largest producer of political yard signs, decals, and bumper stickers in the country. We asked Paul for some industry tips to help campaigns navigate the process of designing and printing yard signs and other campaign materials.

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Political Yard Signs Done the Right Way

Political signs

Making Smart Use of Political Yard Signs is Not Easy.

One of the first things many campaigns do is design buy and print political yard signs. You will see countless posts on political blogs (including ours) about how campaign signs can mess up your budget and be a detriment to a message-driven campaign. Although I agree with this sentiment and would like to see many campaigns stop using them, I do think a well-run campaign can use them in a limited but effective way.

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So You Won Your Political Campaign

Day After Election_Final

You Won Your Political Campaign, Now What?

Congratulations on winning your political campaign! You won a hard fought political campaign and have gotten the chance to represent your community. Most candidates who run for office don't win. But you did! And that is awesome. Here is some advice on what to do next.

Thank folks. You won, but it wasn't just you who made it possible. You had a lot of help. Voters, volunteers, donors, friends, family and organizations—they all played a part in your political campaign. So thank them in person or with a hand written note. Thank everyone; believe me, they will remember.

Remember why you ran. You wanted to make change in your community, now is your chance. Do it. Think of the issues and problems you want make a difference for and do it. Don't let the mayhem of being an elected officeholder distract you from achieving the goals you set out to accomplish in the first place.

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Political Yard Signs

political yard signs

Winning With Political Yard Signs

Political yards signs were everywhere during the 2014 elections—both traditional political yard signs and larger highway signs on street corners. There are a few tips to help you plan for the design and production of these signs to get the most bang for your buck and make sure it helps your campaign win.

Yard signs are normally screen printed on a very thick paper for the best pricing and increased durability. It is also common to see screen printing on poly bag signs. These are a very good option for both pricing and outdoor durability­—a key particularly if your campaign is in a location that sees a lot of rain or snow.

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Campaign Signs - Read This Before You Buy a yard sign!

Political yard signs

Campaign Signs Are Taking Over

Do you like campaign signs? Drive down a road near election or primary day and you will see campaign signs everywhere.  Some folks like political signs but many think campaign signs can mess up your community, your budget and be a detriment to a message-driven campaign. Although I am not in the pro-campaign sign camp and would like to see many campaigns stop using yard signs, I do think within tight limits they can be useful.

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Political Yard Signs Don't Vote

Political yard signs

It's True! Political Yard Signs ≠ Votes

Now I like a political yard sign as much as the next political junkie, but very early on I was taught that POLITICAL YARD SIGNS DON’T VOTE. I have heard all of the excuses of why your city is different and unique, and that if you don’t have more campaign yard signs than your opponent then you will lose. Reality check: it has been my experience that this is absolutely not true. Now your city may very well be different and unique in a number of ways, but when it comes to political yard signs, it’s not.

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Stretching Minimal Resources for Political Campaigns

Stretching political campaign resources

Making Your Political Campaign Budget Work

It is likely that at some point in the political campaign you will encounter the need  to stretch minimal resources. Below are a few tips pertaining to the most vital organizing resources to help extend them as far as they can go:

Printer Toner/Paper:

  • When your political campaign offers printer toner and paper, always ask for more than you need and keep a small, secret stash for a rainy day. It’s inevitable that the night before your biggest canvass, you’ll run out of printer toner.
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