Advocacy Research—Know Your Options

advocacy research

Explore the Depths of Advocacy Research Options

Advocacy campaigns come in all shapes and sizes. So does the advocacy research you need to build a good campaign strategy. You can and should know your options for advocacy research. In this post we explore the panoply of advocacy research options out there including: polling, focus groups, and experimental testing.

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Online Communications Strategy Is Different in an Off-Year

Online communications: How Digital is Different in an off-year image

The recent off-year elections may not have gotten a ton of national press, but for people living in states where major offices were decided, they were extremely important. In some ways, a campaign is a campaign, and your online communications program should be reflective of that.  In others though, off-year elections are pretty different, and planning your digital strategy with those differences in mind can yield some great things.

The biggest issue? Less people are paying attention. This means you have to work even harder than before to get people to notice you.

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Campaign Message: Contrast in Political Communications

Contrast in Political Communications Image

Campaign Message: How to Be an Orange Running Against Apples

When you boil it down, elections are all about choices. Voters are choosing this candidate or that one. Some even argue that staying home and not voting is exercising choice, though I don’t find that argument (or tactic) particularly effective. In order to convince voters to choose you, your political communications have to show why you are the best choice. The best way to do that is to make your point with a contrastive campaign message.

It’s great to say, “I’m the best candidate! I’ve done all these great things and have all the experience!” but without putting that in context with respect to your opponents, it will more than likely fall on deaf ears. This kind of thing, particularly in a primary with multiple opponents, just feeds the “omnivore’s dilemma” of our electoral process: with so many candidates, how do we choose the best one? Do your voters a favor and tell them WHY in all of your political communications.

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