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Creating a Political Campaign Digital Budget

by The Campaign Workshop

When you’re setting up a communications program for your political campaign, one of the hardest questions you’ll face is how much your campaign digital budget should be. When you’re thinking through your budget, there are three main factors that will influence how much money you put into digital.

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Campaign Strategy Tips from a Political Strategy Firm

by Joe Fuld (He/Him)

Put Campaign Strategy First. Lessons from a Political Strategy Firm.

As a campaign strategy firm that specializes in political and advocacy advertising, it is a consistent challenge to keep strategy as a primary consideration in a campaign. A variety of political concerns, such as creative and budget, can distract and even overshadow the pursuit of long-term and short-term strategic goals. Campaign tactics should complement good strategy not impede it. Having clearly defined goals can make a big difference.


Online Communications Strategy Is Different in an Off-Year

by The Campaign Workshop

The recent off-year elections may not have gotten a ton of national press, but for people living in states where major offices were decided, they were extremely important. In some ways, a campaign is a campaign, and your online communications program should be reflective of that.  In others though, off-year elections are pretty different, and planning your digital strategy with those differences in mind can yield some great things.