• 7 Questions with Social Media Strategy Expert Dr. Alan Rosenblatt

    Nov 13, 2019 by Alicia Barry

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    Social Media Strategy is Imperative in the Age of Digital Politics

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  • Digital Advocacy Campaign Goals on Twitter

    Nov 02, 2017

    Digital Advocacy

    What Goal is Best for My Digital Advocacy Campaign on Twitter?

    When it comes to a digital advocacy campaign Twitter is a great platform. Unlike more traditional platforms, there aren’t budget minimums you need to worry about and you can reach a lot of people very quickly. There are also a lot of great targeting options based on Twitter’s user data. The first thing you should decide when you create a Twitter ad campaign is what objective you want to use. There are several options, so it’s important to consider them carefully, based on your end goals. Below, we’ll run through each objective and how you could use it in your digital advocacy campaign.

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