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100 Best Campaign Tools
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  • ActBlue


    ActBlue is an online fundraising platform designed to support Democratic candidates, progressive organizations, and non-profits in the United States. The tool provides a simple and effective way for donors to contribute to political campaigns and causes they support.

  • ASMP


    Looking to hire a photographer in a new town or find some custom stock photography? ASMP is a great site to find a quality photographer, wherever and whenever you need one.

  • Democracy-Labs

    Democracy Labs

    Running a campaign on a budget? By leading workshops on technology and progressive campaign case studies, Democracy Labs offers affordable business solutions for progressive groups and candidates across the country to teach them how to run a campaign with limited resources. 

  • Flip


    Is it crunch time for your advocacy or political campaign? Use Flip to ask your followers to create and submit real-time videos on what they think about a particular ballot initiative or issue area. Flip is a great way to crowdsource user generated video content.

  • Freesound


    Boom! Freesound is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds that you can use to add sounds to your website, video ad, short film, etc.

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics

    Want to see how your website is performing? Use Google Analytics metrics to inform your strategic decisions for your web presence.

  • Grammarly


    Better than spell-check, Grammarly helps sniff out typos, corrects your grammar, and even suggests synonyms to make you sound smarter. It works in all text fields, so you can rest assured that your emails, blogs, and social media posts always get a solid once-over.

  • OutreachCircle


    OutreachCircle is a supporter management and relational organizing texting platform that makes it easy for volunteers, activists, and donors to support their favorite cause, campaign, or organization.

  • Phonto


    Phonto lets you add text to images quickly and easily.

  • spacer


    Looking for storage for your campaign materials while you go on the road? Meet the Airbnb of storage and parking spaces. Just don’t forget that you left your bike in Iowa. 

  • Toodledo


    A project management tool to keep your ideas, notes, and tasks organized at work and at home. Get your ideas out of your head and into the hands of your team.

  • Ubersuggest


    Researching keywords has never been easier. Ubersugest is a great tool to find the best keyword for the web, images, YouTube, or even the news, for your next content marketing campaign. It also offers a Google Chrome or Firefox extension — KeywordEverywhere. 

  • Unsplash


    Stock photos don’t have to be pricy or boring. Unsplash is a spot to find beautiful, free high-definition photos.