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100 Best Campaign Tools
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  • Asana


    Asana is an easy-to-use campaign tool for teams to track work, plan ahead, and have fun along the way with gamification.

  • atAdvocacy


    atAdvocacy is a digital advocacy platform designed to empower non-profits, grassroots organizations, and political campaigns to mobilize supporters, drive engagement, and influence policy. The tool provides a suite of features to streamline the management of advocacy campaigns, enhance communication with supporters, and amplify the impact of advocacy efforts.


  • Bonterra


    Bonterra is a comprehensive technology platform designed to support nonprofits, public sector agencies, and companies in their fundraising, engagement, and program management efforts. With its suite of tools, Bonterra enables organizations to streamline operations, enhance donor relationships, and maximize community impact.

  • Cirrus Insight

    Cirrus Insight

    Cirrus Insight is a comprehensive sales enablement and productivity tool that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and email platforms like Gmail and Outlook. It is designed to enhance the efficiency of sales teams by providing powerful features for email tracking, scheduling, and customer relationship management directly from their inboxes.

  • Civitech


    Civitech is an innovative software platform designed to empower civic engagement and streamline governmental operations. Its comprehensive suite of tools and features aims to enhance the efficiency and transparency of public services, foster community participation, and facilitate effective communication between government entities and citizens.

  • Clipbook


    Clipbook is a powerful and versatile digital tool designed to enhance content curation, organization, and collaboration for individuals and teams. With its intuitive interface and robust feature set, Clipbook streamlines the process of gathering, managing, and sharing information from various sources, making it an essential tool for researchers, marketers, educators, and content creators.

  • Confluence


    Need help keeping your staff organized? Confluence can help you create and discuss work with your team.

  • Connectivity


    Connectively is a comprehensive tool designed to enhance and streamline communication and collaboration within organizations. This tool integrates various functionalities to facilitate effective networking, project management, and information sharing among team members, ensuring that all parts of the organization work together seamlessly.

  • CoSchedule


    If you’re creating content, you need an editorial calendar to keep you and your team on track. CoSchedule has this calendar tool and also gives you space to plot and organize your social media strategy.

  • Democracy-Labs

    Democracy Labs

    Running a campaign on a budget? By leading workshops on technology and progressive campaign case studies, Democracy Labs offers affordable business solutions for progressive groups and candidates across the country to teach them how to run a campaign with limited resources. 

  • Doodle


    Yes, it’s possible to never say, “What day works for you?” again. Doodle makes schedule ping-pong a thing of the past, as each person who’s slated to attend a meeting can fill in what time works best.

  • Expensify


    When the end of the month rolls around, are you scrambling to find your receipts? This expense tool will help make reporting what you spent and where you spent it less of a hassle, so you have more time to focus on your goals.

  • Feedy


    Feedy is an advanced content aggregation and management tool designed to streamline the process of collecting, organizing, and curating content from various online sources. It provides users with a seamless experience to stay updated with the latest news, blogs, articles, and other relevant information in one place.

  • Function Point

    Function Point

    Function Point is a productivity software for creative agencies, internal marketing teams, and professional service firms. Stay connected at every stage of project management while gaining a deeper knowledge of your campaign or organization. 

  • Glympse


    Want to know where your candidate is at all times? This handy app helps you track them.

  • Google Keyword

    Google Keyword

    The Google keyword tool monitors the frequency of different words or searches within Google. It is a good way to research and find keywords for content marketing.

  • GoToConnect


    Get your team on the same page with conference calling and screen sharing, all through one simple platform. 

  • GoToMeeting


    Whether your team is in multiple locations, or you have a vendor demo call, GoToMeeting is one system you can rely on for video conferencing.

  • HubSpot Sales

    HubSpot Sales

    There’s nothing worse than hitting “send” and feeling like your email has disappeared into the ether. HubSpot Sales sets a time for delivery, tracks your email, and lets you know when the recipient(s) open it – all from one handy app platform.

  • Keeper


    This self-proclaimed “digital vault” will keep all your passwords safe.

  • LinkedIn Learning

    LinkedIn Learning

    Expand your skill set infinitely with this hub of online classes. Master an app or develop a skill with thousands of different trainings and courses.

  • Loom


    Loom is a video application that allows users to record both their screen and camera, and instantly share it with their team

  • Mobilize


    Mobilize allows organizations and campaigns to easily connect with, communicate with, and organize volunteers to get their message out. Campaigns can set up event pages, automate volunteer communications, and partner with other groups to grow their volunteer base. 

  • Semrush


    SemRush does SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing from one platform.

  • Slack


    Slack is an incredible organizational tool that allows you to give colleagues tasks, keep up with what your team is doing, chat, and send documents.

  • Slybroadcast


    SlyBroadcast helps with messaging by adding ringless calls directly into a voicemail box. 

  • spacer


    Looking for storage for your campaign materials while you go on the road? Meet the Airbnb of storage and parking spaces. Just don’t forget that you left your bike in Iowa. 

  • SpeakUp


    End hierarchical management with this tool that allows your entire team to pose problems and solutions. Bring democracy to your workplace and incorporate everyone in the decision-making process.

  • SweetProcess


    Winning campaigns are built with systems. Get your knowledge of repetitive tasks out of your head, and let your team take over some of the things you’ve been handling solo. SweetProcess is an organizational campaign tool that allows you to create systems for your team, assign tasks, and track their progress.

  • Taskworld


    Taskworld helps you focus on what’s important. Prioritize and manage your team’s tasks, set due dates, and monitor progress with Taskworld’s interactive visual task boards. 

  • Teamup Calendar

    Teamup Calendar

    Welcome to your new calendar. Teamup Calendar is an awesome tool for synchronizing events and content across a team.

  • Todoist


    Your to-do list on steroids. Enough said.

  • Toodledo


    A project management tool to keep your ideas, notes, and tasks organized at work and at home. Get your ideas out of your head and into the hands of your team.

  • Trello


    Trello is a productivity visualization tool that allows for better collaboration among teammates. You can add comments and attachments to each project board, and your info syncs to all devices and to all your favorite tools: Slack, Google Drive, Evernote, and others. Dive into the details and stay on track with Trello.

  • Universe


    Universe is an all-in-one platform designed for progressive organizing and local campaigns. It provides comprehensive tools for political campaigns, non-profits, political action committees, and labor unions, streamlining outreach, contact management, and marketing.

  • Warchest


    Warchest is a budgeting solution that allows you to store all of your expenses and contributions together in one place. Warchest allows collaboration and also provides read-only accounts to allow you to share your budget with others without putting too many chefs in the kitchen. 

    • TCW Pick
  • WorkFlowy


    WorkFlowy makes list-making more interactive and accessible than ever. Use this paid tool to organize your schedule, keep track of your ideas, and prioritize your to-do’s in a digital notebook. You can even filter your lists by hashtags to quickly find specific items. Try a free demo to see how you can start better organizing your brain.  

  • Wrike


    From small teams to large organizations, Wrike helps you organize your projects and increase productivity. Manage project portfolios, track documents, use performance metrics, and see instant progress. 

  • Zamzar


    We’ve all been there: you need to convert a PDF to a Word file and aren’t sure which site is best or what program you should download. Zamzar converts video, mp3, ebook, PDFs, Excel, and Word files without requiring you to download new software.

  • Zapier


    Make your apps work harder for you. Zapier allows all of your apps to communicate and share information.