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100 Best Campaign Tools
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    Boast is a video testimonial software that provides an easy way for businesses to collect customer feedback, video testimonials, and online reviews. 

    • TCW Pick
  • Camtasia


    Looking to create video for your campaign or organization? Camtasia helps you create and edit professional videos.

  • Flip


    Is it crunch time for your advocacy or political campaign? Use Flip to ask your followers to create and submit real-time videos on what they think about a particular ballot initiative or issue area. Flip is a great way to crowdsource user generated video content.

  • Freesound


    Boom! Freesound is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds that you can use to add sounds to your website, video ad, short film, etc.

  • Gather Voices

    Gather Voices

    Gather Voices lets groups collect and share videos from their community.

  • Loom


    Loom is a video application that allows users to record both their screen and camera, and instantly share it with their team

  • Soapboxx


    Soapboxx is a user-generated video content tool that helps you manage your supporter base through publishing, distributing, and placing videos.

  • Storyvine


    Storyvine makes creating polished videos at scale easy. 

  • Tribute


    Tribute helps combine clips to create creative video montages.

  • Unitary


    Unitary is a pioneering platform with context-aware AI and multimodal machine learning techniques. Their mission is to empower brands and online platforms with content moderation needs to understand content in depth and keep their content safe. This tool is designed to interpret video, text, and audio that people share online and determine if anything is harmful or inappropriate. This in turn helps brands reduce costs and protect users. 

  • Wistia


    Everyone loves a good video. Wistia is a video hosting service that lets you embed videos on your site and capture potential leads from the people who view your content.