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100 Best Campaign Tools
Tool Cost
Tool Type
  • Accurate Append

    Accurate Append

    Accurate Append makes contact data easily accessible with the goal of growing a customer base.

  • Action Network

    Action Network

    Action Network is a fantastic petition tool for your site with a growing suite of other campaign tools (think mass emails and surveys) built for progressive organizations and campaigns. It is great for collaborative, coalition-based efforts. Action Network is also embeddable, so you can keep your branding consistent.

  • ActionKit


    ActionKit is a comprehensive digital organizing and advocacy platform designed to help progressive organizations, non-profits, and political campaigns mobilize supporters, manage campaigns, and drive social change. The tool provides robust features for creating and managing online actions, fundraising, email campaigns, and data analytics.

  • bright blue ink

    Bright Blue Ink

    Bright Blue Ink is a digital marketing and advocacy platform tailored for non-profits, advocacy groups, and political campaigns. The tool offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to amplify messaging, engage supporters, and drive impactful campaigns through email marketing, social media management, and analytics.


  • Catalist


    Need to pull a data file for your targeted communications program? Through a paid subscription service, Catalist provides access to a wealth of data so that you can be sure your message is reaching the best possible audience. 

  • Cision


    Want more earned media? Cision is a way to grow your press list by area or topic, so you can get your message out to more media outlets.

  • Civis-Platform

    Civis Platform

    Civis Platform is an analytics tool that will help you to better organize and understand your organization’s data and harness its power. 

  • Ersi


    Unlock the power of data through Esri. This GIS mapping software allows users to turn data into compelling story maps, allowing advocates to reach their audience in a new way.

  • Fathom


    Fathom is an AI tool designed to analyze open-ended text responses quickly and accurately. It processes large amounts of text from things like customer feedback or survey questions, saving time and improving the quality of insights gained. The tool uses a combination of AI and human supervision, ensuring accurate and detailed results. It's particularly useful for researchers and companies who need to understand and analyze customer opinions or public sentiment quickly and effective.

  • Fundraise Up

    Fundraise Up

    Fundraise Up is a cutting-edge fundraising platform designed to enhance the donation experience and maximize contributions for nonprofit organizations. Leveraging advanced technology and data-driven insights, Fundraise Up provides nonprofits with the tools they need to optimize their fundraising efforts and build stronger connections with their donors.

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics

    Want to see how your website is performing? Use Google Analytics metrics to inform your strategic decisions for your web presence.

  • Kantar-Media-CMAG

    Kantar Media

    Sadly, you can’t be everywhere at all times. Kantar Media will monitor media buys placed by independent expenditures and your opposition, so you can learn where they’re airing their messages and what they’re saying. 

  • Kindful


    Kindful is a streamlined, user-friendly CRM for nonprofit fundraising. It is easy to use with good functionality that isn’t overwhelming. 

  • Klaviyo


    Klaviyo can help your campaign harness the power of email marketing, fundraising, and automation.

  • L2 VoterMapping

    L2 VoterMapping

    L2 VoterMapping is an analysis tool that enables campaigns to overlay selected targets and identify distribution patterns. 

  • LexisNexis


    LexisNexis is a research tool that can help you find contact information for potential donors as well as monitor news coverage and bills.

  • List Builder

    List Builder

    List Builder is a new query tool from TargetSmart that provides campaigns and organizations an all-in-one way to analyze campaign districts and purchase data. 

  • Mobilize


    Mobilize allows organizations and campaigns to easily connect with, communicate with, and organize volunteers to get their message out. Campaigns can set up event pages, automate volunteer communications, and partner with other groups to grow their volunteer base. 

  • NationBuilder


    NationBuilder is an all-in-one platform for political campaigns — it helps with building websites, fundraising, email blasting, and more.



    This tool is the long-standing fundraising back-end for most Democratic campaigns, which allows you to do everything from raising money to organizing better.

  • Numero


    Numero is a versatile numerical computation tool designed to handle a wide range of mathematical and statistical operations. It can perform basic arithmetic, advanced calculus, linear algebra, data analysis, and visualization.

  • ShareProgress


    Got a progressive cause and want to build your list? ShareProgress allows you to grow your base of supporters through data-driven technology and testing.

  • SmartVAN


    Another favorite of The Campaign Workshop, SmartVAN is a core source for voter data. You can research voter universes, pull lists, and assemble walk packets for volunteers, among many other things.

  • SparkInfluence


    SparkInfluence is a Wordpress and mobile-friendly platform to help you get the most out of advocacy and grassroots efforts. Educate, engage, and empower your campaign, all while collecting useful data. 

  • Squakr


    A Google Alert here. A screenshot of a tweet there. Streamline how you track your opponent with Squakr, a content and social media tracking tool that keeps you informed about what your opponent is doing and saying.

  • Ubersuggest


    Researching keywords has never been easier. Ubersugest is a great tool to find the best keyword for the web, images, YouTube, or even the news, for your next content marketing campaign. It also offers a Google Chrome or Firefox extension — KeywordEverywhere. 

  • VoteBuilder


    VoteBuilder helps Democratic campaigns contact voters more efficiently.