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  • ActionSprout


    ActionSprout is a great tool that helps you maximize engagement with your followers, raise money, find volunteers, run petitions, and build your community through your Facebook page. It also provides an informative set of metrics to measure your post performance and lets you invite people to like your page when they have liked one of your posts. 

  • Cision


    Want more earned media? Cision is a way to grow your press list by area or topic, so you can get your message out to more media outlets.

  • ClicktoTweet


    Social media is an integral piece of any modern campaign. Promote, share, and track your content on Twitter to find out what works and what doesn’t on your social feed.

  • CrowdTangle


    With CrowdTangle, you can track and analyze social media engagement for your own organization or campaign(s), as well as monitor what your competitors are up to.

  • Digital-8

    Digital 8

    From NGP VAN and Everyaction, Digital 8 is a comprehensive suite of digital tools that allows campaigns and organizations to raise more money and drive more action. Digital 8 features a standalone suite of email, online, and social tools with one-click actions, forms optimized for mobile viewing, free social matching, and Facebook ads integration. 

  • Feedly


    Keep everything you love to read in one place. Feedly is a versatile RSS feed that lets you centralize all the publications in your life and keep them up-to-date.

  • Flipgrid


    Is it crunch time for your advocacy or political campaign? Use Flipgrid to ask your followers to submit real-time videos on what they think about a particular ballot initiative or issue area. Flipgrid is a great way to crowdsource video content. 

    • Mobile App Available
  • HARO

    Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

    Reporters need experts and sources, and you just might be the person they want to talk to. Sign up with HARO, and get some good, free press.

  • Hootsuite


    This campaign tool allows you to manage all of your social media accounts in one visual dashboard and eliminates the time spent toggling between tabs and re-logging into your accounts.

    • Mobile App Available
  • Kantar-Media-CMAG

    Kantar Media CMAG

    Sadly, you can’t be everywhere at all times. Kantar Media CMAG will monitor media buys placed by independent expenditures and your opposition, so you can learn where they’re airing their messages and what they’re saying. 

  • Mentionmapp


    This campaign tool allows you to map connections between Twitter users and visualize what they’re saying so you can keep track of your brand and make sure you’re monitoring your social media traffic.

  • SEMrush


    SEMrush provides intelligence on your competition, including what type of ads they’re buying and the keywords they’re using.

  • Sendible


    If you’re looking for a campaign tool to boost your social media presence, check out Sendible. Its sleek dashboard makes it simple to see how your posts are performing and write new messages to followers.

    • Mobile App Available
  • SparkInfluence


    SparkInfluence is a Wordpress and mobile-friendly platform to help you get the most out of advocacy and grassroots efforts. Educate, engage, and empower your campaign, all while collecting useful data. 

  • Sprout Social

    Sprout Social

    Are you being heard? Promote your content and reach your audience with this one-stop campaign tool for social media engagement and analytics.

    • Mobile App Available
  • Squakr


    A Google Alert here. A screenshot of a tweet there. Streamline how you track your opponent with Squakr, a content and social media tracking tool that keeps you informed about what your opponent is doing and saying.

  • Talkwalker-Alerts

    Talkwalker Alerts

    Talkwalker Alerts is a social media analytics tool that helps you monitor what’s going on in the world by focusing on keywords or names.

  • The-Tuesday-Company-Team

    The Tuesday Company - Team

    With this tool, you can organize volunteers into teams to initiate friend-to-friend conversations online that help register, persuade, and turn out voters. With Team, you can urge your volunteers to share information through their social media channels and track what content volunteers are engaging with to see what resonates with your audience. 

    • Mobile App Available
  • Topplr


    Topplr allows you to match voter file data to social profiles for more targeted digital ads. In the interface, you can send ads to lists that you upload or to some of Topplr's pre-sliced lists. Topplr can also help you build your own targeting lists based on factors like geography and political leaning. 

  • Tweepi


    Tweepi helps you organize your Twitter followers and get a better sense of who follows you (and who doesn’t).

  • Twitter-Analytics

    Twitter Analytics

    You likely use Twitter, but have you really dug into the back-end of its analytics dashboard? It is a great place to get true insight into who is connecting with you and what tweets are driving interaction.