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100 Best Campaign Tools
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  • ActBlue


    ActBlue is an online fundraising platform designed to support Democratic candidates, progressive organizations, and non-profits in the United States. The tool provides a simple and effective way for donors to contribute to political campaigns and causes they support.

  • Action Network

    Action Network

    Action Network is a fantastic petition tool for your site with a growing suite of other campaign tools (think mass emails and surveys) built for progressive organizations and campaigns. It is great for collaborative, coalition-based efforts. Action Network is also embeddable, so you can keep your branding consistent.

  • BallotReady


    BallotReady is a suite of tools that allows users to create both voter guides of endorsed candidates and how-to-vote plans for election day. BallotReady can get out the important information quickly and easily so voters aren’t scratching their heads at the ballot box. 

    • TCW Pick
  • Bonterra


    Bonterra is a comprehensive technology platform designed to support nonprofits, public sector agencies, and companies in their fundraising, engagement, and program management efforts. With its suite of tools, Bonterra enables organizations to streamline operations, enhance donor relationships, and maximize community impact.

  • CallFire


    CallFire is a rock-solid campaign tool that puts the power of a call center in the hands of your volunteers.

  • CallHub


    CallHub allows you to integrate CRMs like Salesforce and Nationbuilder with political and advocacy tools. It allows you to track and monitor every call and SMS you and your volunteers make during a campaign and provides detailed reports and insights. 

  • Catalist


    Need to pull a data file for your targeted communications program? Through a paid subscription service, Catalist provides access to a wealth of data so that you can be sure your message is reaching the best possible audience. 

  • Causes


    With Causes, constituents can easily contact, demand action from, and hold their lawmakers accountable. Causes allows you to put petitions onto the site, get people to sign your petition, create and share videos, and take action. 


  • Encanvasser


    Who covered their turf? Ecanvasser allows you to map territory, sync walk lists, and more.

  • Empower Project

    Empower Project

    Empower Project helps organizations recruit and train volunteers while also helping volunteers to effectively connect with and engage their networks. 

  • Fathom


    Fathom is an AI tool designed to analyze open-ended text responses quickly and accurately. It processes large amounts of text from things like customer feedback or survey questions, saving time and improving the quality of insights gained. The tool uses a combination of AI and human supervision, ensuring accurate and detailed results. It's particularly useful for researchers and companies who need to understand and analyze customer opinions or public sentiment quickly and effective.

  • Get Thru

    Get Thru

    Get Thru is the ultimate communication tool for organizations looking to enhance their outreach efforts and engage with their audiences on a personal level. With its powerful peer-to-peer texting and phone banking capabilities, Get Thru helps organizations build stronger connections, mobilize supporters, and achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

  • Grassroots Unwired

    Grassroots Unwired

    Keep track of your canvassers in the field and collect real-time contact information with Grassroots Unwired. This real-time campaign tool helps provide voter feedback, contribution information, canvasser accountability, and real results.

  • Hustle


    It’s no secret that we’re fans of GOTV calls, but texting is becoming an essential part of campaigns as well. This peer-to-peer SMS tool allows you to quickly expand your reach.

  • Impactive


    With Impactive, take advantage of the persuasive power of peer-to-peer connections and turn community members into digital activists for your campaign. Outvote is a peer-to-peer SMS tool that allows you to empower your campaign volunteers to contact their personal network. 

  • L2 VoterMapping

    L2 VoterMapping

    L2 VoterMapping is an analysis tool that enables campaigns to overlay selected targets and identify distribution patterns. 

  • List Builder

    List Builder

    List Builder is a new query tool from TargetSmart that provides campaigns and organizations an all-in-one way to analyze campaign districts and purchase data. 

  • Motivate


    A platform to get voters to the polls, with a special focus on young voter engagement, Motivote uses behavioral nudges to help you reach your network through gamification and social accountability. Framing voting as fun, it allows you to compete with friends and earn points and prizes. 

  • NationBuilder


    NationBuilder is an all-in-one platform for political campaigns — it helps with building websites, fundraising, email blasting, and more.

  • Numero


    Numero is a versatile numerical computation tool designed to handle a wide range of mathematical and statistical operations. It can perform basic arithmetic, advanced calculus, linear algebra, data analysis, and visualization.

  • organizer


    Organizer is an easy-to-use canvassing app with a clean design. It provides real-time results for canvassing and cuts down on countless hours of data entry.

  • OutreachCircle


    OutreachCircle is a supporter management and relational organizing texting platform that makes it easy for volunteers, activists, and donors to support their favorite cause, campaign, or organization.

  • SmartVAN


    Another favorite of The Campaign Workshop, SmartVAN is a core source for voter data. You can research voter universes, pull lists, and assemble walk packets for volunteers, among many other things.

  • SparkInfluence


    SparkInfluence is a Wordpress and mobile-friendly platform to help you get the most out of advocacy and grassroots efforts. Educate, engage, and empower your campaign, all while collecting useful data. 

  • VoteBuilder


    VoteBuilder helps Democratic campaigns contact voters more efficiently.