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  • 10 More Votes

    10 More Votes

    Voter outreach just got easier. 10 More Votes doubles the efficiency of calling, texting, and canvassing voters by putting everything within the same app, generating 10 contacts on the screen for anyone with a smartphone to engage with. 

    • Mobile App Available
  • @Mssg


    @Mssg is a communication platform that gives you the power to collect data from constituents, engage with them one-on-one, and quickly send out messages to them.

  • CallFire


    CallFire is a rock-solid campaign tool that puts the power of a call center in the hands of your volunteers.

    • Mobile App Available
  • Catalist


    Need to pull a data file for your targeted communications program? Through a paid subscription service, Catalist provides access to a wealth of data so that you can be sure your message is reaching the best possible audience. 

  • Cision


    Want more earned media? Cision is a way to grow your press list by area or topic, so you can get your message out to more media outlets.

  • Confluence


    Need help keeping your staff organized? Confluence can help you create and discuss work with your team.

  • Countable


    With Countable, constituents can easily contact, demand action from, and hold their lawmakers accountable. Countable allows you to put petitions onto the site, get people to sign your petition, create and share videos, and take action. 


    • Mobile App Available
  • CrowdTangle


    With CrowdTangle, you can track and analyze social media engagement for your own organization or campaign(s), as well as monitor what your competitors are up to.

  • Democracy Engine

    Democracy Engine

    Democracy Engine provides you with the tools to find, engage with, and donate to campaigns and organizations.

  • Digital 8

    From NGP VAN and Everyaction, Digital 8 is a comprehensive suite of digital tools that allow campaigns and organizations to raise more money and drive more action. Featuring a standalone suite of email, online and social tools with one-click actions, mobile-optimized forms, free social matching, Facebook ads integration.

  • Ecanvasser


    Who covered their turf? Ecanvasser allows you to map territory, sync walk lists, and more.

    • Mobile App Available
  • Esri


    Unlock the power of data through Esri. This GIS mapping software allows users to turn data into compelling story maps, allowing advocates to reach their audience in a new way.

  • EveryAction


    EveryAction is a site that organizes many aspects of nonprofit management, including emails, web-based donations, and donor management.

  • Expensify


    When the end of the month rolls around, are you scrambling to find your receipts? This expense tool will help make reporting what you spent and where you spent it less of a hassle, so you have more time to focus on your goals.

    • Mobile App Available
  • Function Point

    Function Point

    Function Point is a productivity software for creative agencies, internal marketing teams, and professional service firms. Stay connected at every stage of project management while gaining a deeper knowledge of your campaign or organization. 

  • Grassroots Unwired

    Grassroots Unwired

    Keep track of your canvassers in the field and collect real-time contact information with Grassroots Unwired. This real-time campaign tool helps provide voter feedback, contribution information, canvasser accountability, and real results.

  • Hustle


    It’s no secret that we’re fans of GOTV calls, but texting is becoming an essential part of campaigns as well. This peer-to-peer SMS tool allows you to quickly expand your reach.

    • Mobile App Available
  • Kindful


    Kindful is a streamlined, user-friendly CRM for nonprofit fundraising. It is easy to use with good functionality that isn’t overwhelming. 

  • List Builder

    List Builder

    List Builder is a new query tool from TargetSmart that provides campaigns and organizations an all-in-one way to analyze campaign districts and purchase data. 

  • Membership Drive

    Membership Drive

    Membership Drive helps to develop the internal functioning of your organization or campaign. Through recruitment, training, and accountability features, this tool will help you to increase efficiency. 

  • NationBuilder

    An all-in-one platform for political campaigns– it helps with websites, fundraising, email blasting and more.

  • Netfirms

    A reliable platform for researching and buying domain names, once you’re ready to commit.


    The long-standing fundraising back end for most Democratic campaigns, which allows you to do everything from raising money to organizing better.

  • Organizer

    An easy-to-use canvassing app with a clean design. It provides real time results for canvassing and cuts down on countless hours of data entry.

  • Outvote

    With Outvote, take advantage of the persuasive power of peer-to-peer connections and turn community members into digital activists for your campaign. Outvote is a peer-to-peer SMS tool that allows you to empower your campaign volunteers to contact their personal network.

  • Really Good Emails

    Want to spice up your emails or newsletters with a sleek new design? Check out Really Good Emails for inspiration.

  • Revere

    A suite of tools to get the word out on your campaign, from patch-through calling and SMS, to ad buying and site design.

  • Salsa

    No tortillas here. Salsa is all about a cloud- based fundraising software for nonprofits and campaigns. There’s also a marketing tool, which will help target your supporters the right way.

  • Sanebox

    Sanebox is an email streamlining service that analyzes your past behavior (which emails you open, which you respond to, how quickly, how often, etc.) and determines the importance of your incoming emails through their headers. Your most important emails are prioritized, and less important emails are pulled into a separate folder and summarized in a digest. It also includes a snooze function for non-urgent emails, unsubscribing with one-click, reminders when people don't reply to you and more. 

  • SEMrush

    Get intelligence on your competition, including what type of ads they’re buying and the keywords they’re using.

  • ShareProgress

    Got a progressive cause that wants to build its list? ShareProgress allows you to grow your base of supporters through data-driven technology and testing.

  • SmartVAN

    Another favorite of The Campaign Workshop, SmartVAN is a core source for voter data. You can research voter universes, pull lists and assemble walk packets for volunteers, among many other things.

  • SparkInfluence

    A Wordpress and mobile friendly platform to help you get the most out of advocacy and grassroot efforts. Educate, engage, and empower your campaign all while collecting useful data.

  • Sprout Social

    Are you being heard? Promote your content and reach your audience with this one-stop campaign tool for social media engagement and analytics.

  • Squakr

    A Google Alert here. A screenshot of a tweet there. Streamline how you track your opponent with Squakr, a content and social media tracking tool that keeps you informed about what your opponent is doing and saying.

  • SweetProcess

    Winning campaigns are built with systems. Get your knowledge of repetitive tasks out of your head, and let your team take over some of the things you’ve been handling solo. SweetProcess is an organizational campaign tool that allows you to create systems for your team, assign tasks, and track their progress until they’re done.

  • Talkwalker

    A social media analytics tool that helps you monitor what’s going on in the world by focusing on keywords or names.

  • Taskworld

    A tool to help you focus on what’s important. Prioritize and manage your team’s tasks, set due dates, and monitor progress with Taskworld’s interactive visual task boards. 

  • Teamup Calendar

    Welcome to your new calendar. An awesome way to synchronize events and content across a team.

  • Victory Guide

    Save money and time by automating your voter outreach process. Victory Guide is great for small campaigns that don’t have a lot of time to cut and plan turf because it provides you with tasks to help meet your campaign goals daily. This tool allows you to pinpoint supporters, highlight issues, and track the progress of your canvass in neighborhoods, quickly and easily.

  • Warchest

    Need a way to track and manage your budget and cash on hand? Warchest is a budgeting solution that allows you to put all your expenses and contributions in one place. Warchest allows collaboration and also provides read-only accounts to allow you to share your budget with others without putting too many chefs in the kitchen.

  • Yoast

    We love Yoast. It’s an essential SEO plugin for WordPress and Drupal that will help you to optimize your website so it shows up in web searches (and climbs the rankings).