Deep Canvassing and Leadership Development

Learn about Deep Canvassing and Leadership Development 

Deep canvassing and Leadership development are two topics we have been digging into. In this week's Workshop Wednesday, Joe talks about our interviews with Dave Fleischer on deep canvassing and Katie Belanger on leadership development.

Through our 7-question podcast and blog series, we've been able to learn from leaders in the progressive space about a variety of different techniques to make a difference and impact in our communities. 

Dave Fleischer is the pioneer of deep canvassing. He walks us through tips for how to use this technique successfully and explains why it works so well. 

Katie Belanger discusses her experience working to engage and develop leaders and how to navigate vulnerability in the workplace. For more information on these topics, check out our blog or listen to the interviews on the How To Win a Campaign Podcast here. 

This video is part of our Workshop Wednesday series where we highlight topics with someone from our team. We expand on blog content and dive into political and advocacy tactics.