Independent Expenditures

Independent expenditures should fill gaps campaigns can’t cover

We have produced unforgettable independent expenditures for a wide range of progressive groups, organizations, and issues across the country. We work closely with independent expenditure organizations to make sure that their message—whether it’s based on polling, experiment-in-program testing or other resources—speaks directly to a fine-tuned, micro-targeted audience.  We then take that message and work with independent expenditure campaigns  to build a custom-made, strategically driven campaign that will work across mediums.

Our efforts will target the key constituencies that campaigns themselves may not have the resources to go after, but may make a critical difference in a race. That’s why we work to build a custom-make campaign that is individually tailored to the dynamics of the race. We know that these campaigns are often built on short timelines and we’re ready to hit the ground running. We work with independent expenditures to manage deadlines and we take pride in our ability to turn a product around quickly without sacrificing quality.