Issue Advocacy Campaigns

We are passionate about issue advocacy and have the know how and creativity to create change. 

We know issue advocacy is about finding the right message, getting it to the right targets and converting an ask into an action. That’s why we work closely with issue advocacy clients to help craft their messaging strategy and policy priorities into a format that is both budget conscious and effective. We specialize in creative targeted communications strategies that create real engagement through digital, direct mail and grassroots strategies.  We then utilize state-of-the-art micro targeting to ensure that our message reaches precisely the right targets.

We’ve worked with countless organizations on a range of issues to develop integrated issue advocacy strategies and eye-catching creative that stands out among the crowd.  Over the past five years, we’ve produced award-winning issue advocacy campaigns for groups like the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, the California Nurses Association and DC Vote. We’re proud of the work we’ve done and the clients that we work for. From grassroots list-building to direct mail to helping to build a digital presence, we’ve produced issue advocacy campaigns that have made a difference. You can check out more of our past issue advocacy work here.