Holiday Book Gift Guide

by The Campaign Workshop

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Cross a Name Off Your List with Our Holiday Book Gift Guide

It can be hard figuring out what to gift everyone for the holidays, but we’ve got your back. If your friends and family aren’t readers, we even have cookbooks for those looking for a less traditional read. In fact, there are options for all interests and ages. Our staff had some great recommendations for what to pick up for the folks you care about. And, hey, maybe pick up one for yourself while you’re at it! Check out our holiday book gift guide: 

Biography/Memoir: A good look at a life or a moment, some a bit more serious and some a bit more funny, but almost all with a political spin (are you surprised?):

History: For the person who never wants to stop learning and who you probably wish you could be more like:

Politics: We know you probably feel like you can’t get away from politics, but do you really want to? A few political options in our holiday book gift guide for those of you that just can’t get enough: 

Fiction: A classic genre to truly take you on vacation without ever leaving your room:

Business: We all have that person in our life who never stops thinking about innovation and improvement in their business. Good reads for them: 

Sports: Mostly as homage to the newly minted World Series Champs of our very own city, recommendations from our resident sports expert to yours: 

Self-Help: The holidays are meant for sleeping, reading, and taking a mental break. Why not take some time to help those around you take some time to invest in themselves?:

Cookbooks: Nothing says holidays like a good-smelling kitchen! What would a holiday book gift guide be without a couple of cookbooks? At The Campaign Workshop, we swear by Deb Perelman:

Children’s Books: For the little one in your life! Get them started early: 

Don’t know what books your friends and family like? Consider gifting a Kindle Unlimited subscription, which has over 1 million titles and many with Audible narration.  

Haven’t found anything yet? Book recommendations from our 7 Questions will be published soon (likely with even more political recommendations – you can think of it as the holiday book gift guide part two)! If you’re really itching to get to work for next campaign cycle, we have some tips to get you on the right track.   

Check out our entertainment recommendations to help you really unwind this holiday season. We’d love to hear what you’re reading or have read this year that’s worth a recommendation!