Top 4 Twitter Tools for Your Campaign

by The Campaign Workshop

Top 4 Twitter Tools

Top 4 Favorite Twitter Tools 

No matter what day or time, it feels like there are five new digital or twitter tools that are all better, faster, and bigger than the last. As political consultants, we understand the power of digital and are always the first to try out any tool. In fact, we’ve tried so many that, eventually, we narrowed them down to our favorite 100 in our 100 Best Political and Advocacy Tools. For Twitter, below are a few we really loved and know your twitter account would benefit from:

Tweetdeck: This is one of our favorite Twitter tools for managing your account. It helps you keep track of your mentions, certain hashtags, and direct messages, all on one easy to use “deck”. This is especially useful if you have an active twitter account and can’t keep up with all your notifications.

Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a great marketing tool for all your social media platforms, not just Twitter. With Hootsuite's platform, you get the tools to automatically find and schedule tweets, measure your Twitter ROI, and increase your brand on Twitter. 

Twitter Analytics: Knowing your audience and knowing what tweets did well as opposed to tweets that garnered zero engagement is very useful when figuring out how to improve targeting your audience. With Twitter Analytics, you can see how your Twitter account is doing - whether it's how many new followers you have, to the tweet with the most engagement, to your newest follower with the most followers. Knowledge is power. Get to know your audience, your followers, and the people you are following based on what they are talking about on Twitter. With you can learn the most important social insights, personalize tweets to drive engagement, and find influencers to share your content with their social networks.

At the end of the day, using twitter tools can help you increase engagement, help you craft tweets, and aid you in posting tweets often. Learning what tools are right for your twitter account will optimize your account and hopefully turn your quiet supporters into vocal advocates for your twitter account.  

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