• Using Opposition Research: The Good and the Bad

    Posted on May 29, 2014 by The Campaign Workshop

    Should Your Political Campaign Go on the Attack? How to Use Opposition Research in Your Campaign

    Is your campaign doing opposition research?  We’ve already talked about the importance of self-research for your political campaign here, and about the basics of opposition research for a political campaign. But, what do you do when your opposition research backfires? One thing I hear a lot of when I tell people what I do for a living is that every political campaign is too negative. It’s all…
  • Ultimate Guide to Political Direct Mail Printing, Part 4

    Posted on May 19, 2014 by The Campaign Workshop

    Everything You Were Afraid to Ask About Political Direct Mail Printing—The Final Installment

    In previous installments of this series we covered finding a printer, managing schedules, specifying paper and digital vs. offset printing. This week…
  • What Does a Democratic Direct Mail Firm Do?

    Posted on May 15, 2014 by Ben Holse

    Answering the Age Old Question About Democratic Direct Mail

    What does a  Democratic direct mail firm do? Admit it, this is a question that a lot of people have wanted to ask but were too embarrassed: Well never fear, After doing  award winning  Democratic campaign mail for over ten years The Campaign Workshop is here with the answer. Below is a very general, and in no way exhaustive, overview of the duties of a good political direct mail firm. Help Formulating Your…
  • Campaign Management Process : Stop Decision Fatigue

    Posted on Apr 24, 2014 by The Campaign Workshop

    Decision Fatigue Shouldn't Be Your Campaign Management Style

    Running for office, campaign management, and working on campaigns for that matter, are really about making quick, informed decisions and a lot of them. Particularly at the beginning, there are a lot of things to decide on right away in your campaign management process: what office, what party, who to hire, who to target, what medium, who to call for money, how much to ask for, etc. The whole process can get away from you and turn into a paralyzing rumination if you’re not careful.…
  • 5 Ways to Help Your Democratic Direct Mail Stand Out

    Posted on Apr 10, 2014 by Sophie Thurber

    Make All the Other Democratic Direct Mail Jealous!

    “Nasty, brutish and short,” doesn’t just sum up Thomas Hobbes’ feelings about the state of nature – it also applies to the often-lonely life of a piece of Democratic direct mail. It’s tough to get noticed and stand out from the other items stuffed in the mailbox, and even if it does get noticed, it’s usually quickly tossed out and forgotten. Sad stuff if you’re a piece of Democratic direct mail. But your Democratic direct mail doesn’t have to exist in a Hobbesian nightmare (extra points if you…
  • Micro Targeting Online Advertising Can Help Your Budget

    Posted on Apr 07, 2014 by

    Micro Targeting for Online Advertising Is All the Buzz

    We’ve talked a lot about targeting online, but lately micro targeting has gotten even more specific and it can really help boost your online advertising campaign. It’s common knowledge these days that online advertising can get the same type of sophisticated targeting that direct mail can. One way…
  • Ultimate Guide to Political Direct Mail Printing—Part 3

    Posted on Mar 31, 2014 by The Campaign Workshop

    Everything You Were Afraid to Ask About Political Direct Mail Printing—Part 3

    Political direct mail printing part 3: In previous installments of this series on political direct mail printing we covered finding a political direct mail printer, managing schedules and specifying paper. Today, we’re going to get technical and talk about presses. We couldn’t have political direct mail printing without presses to get the job done, so let’s examine the differences and uses for digital and offset printing. Digital vs. Offset Political Printing Today…
  • Ultimate Guide to Political Direct Mail Printing—Part 2

    Posted on Mar 27, 2014 by The Campaign Workshop

    Everything You Were Afraid to Ask About Political Direct Mail Printing—Part 2

    In part one of this series we talked about the characteristics of a good printer for political direct mail printing and how to find them. This week we’re going to talk about schedules and paper. Schedules and Deadlines: Even if you design the most persuasive and creative direct mail pieces possible, they won’t win you an election unless they are printed and mailed on time. Part of having a good direct mail piece is managing the workflow with your printer. This is…
  • Working Around Other Political Campaigns

    Posted on Mar 10, 2014 by Ben Holse

    Playing Nice in the Political Campaign Sandbox

    Political Campaigns usually don't work alone. It’s highly likely that you are not the only political campaign being waged in your turf at any given time. Things can get especially dicey when you have to share a turf, and also run your political campaigns out of the same party headquarters. While you may be, in theory, on the same team, it can feel like you are competing for the same finite batch of volunteers and phones. Here are a few suggestions on ways to work better with other,…
  • Engaging Your Campaign Supporter List

    Posted on Mar 03, 2014 by Ben Holse

    Building a Campaign Supporter List: Keep Your Campaign Supporters Engaged!

    Your organization has developed a strong campaign supporter list. That’s great news! Now let’s make sure we keep your campaign supporters involved with your campaign or cause. Email is undoubtedly one effective method of communicating with your campaign supporters. There are, however, a variety of other ways to engage with your campaign supporter list as well. Here are a few suggestions: Phones Engaging your campaign supporters on the phone is still one of the most…
  • Political Communication Doesn't Have to Say Everything

    Posted on Feb 24, 2014 by Sophie Thurber

    Political Communication: Brevity! Learn it!

    As someone who loves words, let me just say that I know how difficult it is to edit down a painstakingly written tome that’s full of all the knowledge and wisdom you want to share with the world. In political communication every word seems so vital to your message and to other people’s understanding of your issue or campaign. When it comes to communication it is especially important to…
  • Democratic Direct Mail for Absentee and Early Vote in Democratic Primaries

    Posted on Feb 17, 2014 by Joe Fuld

    Democratic Direct Mail in Down Ballot Races—Don't Count It Out!

    I have heard the story many a time; "I am running down ballot in a state-wide primary, so I am only going to do television." Sadly, if  you are still using a Television only strategy you may miss many voters you need to reach. If you are running in primary think about incorporating a targeted communications medium like Democratic direct mail or online advertising, here is why:…
  • Media-Buying for Online Advocacy: Networks vs. Publications

    Posted on Feb 03, 2014 by Sophie Thurber

    The Joys of Online Advocacy!

    Online advocacy, digital advocacy whatever you call it we love it. These days, it seems like the options for any given online advocacy campaign are boundless. Do you cookie target? Geo-fence? Maybe hang out in the world of IP zone targeting? There’s always something new and…
  • What Is Franked Mail?

    Posted on Jan 13, 2014 by The Campaign Workshop

    Franked Mail: The Original Political Mail

    In a nutshell, franked mail is mail sent from congresspersons to their constituents to communicate official business. You might even say that franked mail is the original political mail. The history of the congressional frank dates back before the founding of the United States, to the English House of Commons in the 17th century. The frank was authorized by the American Continental Congress in 1775 and the first franking law was enacted in 1789…
  • Graduate School of Political Management: Is It Worth It?

    Posted on Jan 09, 2014 by The Campaign Workshop

    Graduate School of Political Management or School of Life? Do you need grad school to run a political campaign? 

    Is Graduate School of Political Management worth it? In a word: Maybe. It depends on what your goals are, like just about everything else in life. There are ever increasing opportunities to get master’s degrees in non-traditional ways and, depending on what you want to do with this degree, it may make sense to devote the time and resources to school. Campaign management is a real profession, don’t let the ripped jeans and hoodies…