• The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Political Consultant

    Gentleman dressed up in business clothes talking to a room of people
    Posted on Jan 20, 2020 by Elena Veatch

    What Can a Political Consultant Do for My Campaign?

    For any campaign, it’s crucial to hire the right people—and in many cases, your team might include a political consultant. So, what exactly is a political consultant? How does a consultant differ from a campaign manager? Do you need a consultant, and if so, how do you go about finding a good one that you can afford? If these are the sorts of questions that plague you, this is the blog post for you: political consulting explained by political consultants. What's the difference between a…
  • What Do Digital Political Consulting Firms Actually Do?

    woman at desk staring into distance
    Posted on Jan 16, 2020 by Ben Holse, Lizzie Kendrick

    Here Are Some of the Things That Digital Political Consulting Firms Can Do for Your Campaign.

    These days, digital political consulting firms can be part of an army of consultants campaigns hire – including mail, phones, and general strategy. But digital is a pretty broad term and many digital firms can wear multiple hats. As a result, there is a lot of confusion about what a digital consultant actually does. Before hiring a digital consultant, it’s important that you have a clear sense of the services they can offer and what you’ll need to…
  • Political Yard Signs: All You Need to Know

    Image of a yard sign in front of someones yard
    Posted on Jan 13, 2020 by The Campaign Workshop

    Navigating the Pros and Cons of Political Yard Signs

    Political yards signs are everywhere during elections—and we all like them as much as the next political junkie, but very early on we were taught that POLITICAL YARD SIGNS DON’T VOTE. We have heard all of the excuses of why your city is different and unique, and that if you don’t have more campaign yard signs than your opponent, you will lose. Reality check: it has been our experience that this is absolutely not true.  First off, there is no such thing as a cheap yard sign. This might be…
  • A Complete Guide to Campaign Slogans

    campaign slogan
    Posted on Jan 09, 2020 by Hope Rohrbach

    What Are Campaign Slogans and Why Do They Matter?

    Below you will find everything you need to know about campaign slogans and how to write one that will motivate people to vote for you. A word to the wise, if you haven’t yet developed a campaign message, you’re going to have trouble coming up with a winning campaign slogan, so we’ll politely suggest that you need to pump the breaks! Need help nailing that down? Check out our blog…
  • Political Campaign Advertising for a Tight Budget

    Pink house in the background with a sheet of paper with a black money sign in the right bottom corner.
    Posted on Jan 06, 2020 by Shelley Rees

    How to Stretch Your Political Campaign Advertising Dollars

    Not every candidate has a large budget for political campaign advertising. Digital advertising is generally the most cost-effective paid media strategy, especially if you use self-serve platforms. With platforms like Twitter bowing out of the political space entirely, there is a lot of concern about running political campaign advertising online. Google has already significantly limited the targeting opportunities available to political advertisers and Facebook’s requirements for…
  • Ultimate Guide to Writing Your Stump Speech

    A picture of an open book on top of a rug
    Posted on Jan 02, 2020 by Martín Diego Garcia

    Connect With Voters by Creating an Engaging and Concise Stump Speech

    Here is our ultimate guide to writing a great stump speech. We all know that the candidate is the campaign’s best asset, and the stump speech is the best campaign tool for delivering a 7C’s (clear, concise, contrastive, connective, creative, compelling, consistent) message and personal story about the candidate and campaign.  WHAT IS A STUMP SPEECH?  A…
  • Tips for a Better Political Campaign Strategy

    Campaign Tips
    Posted on Dec 30, 2019 by Joe Fuld, Sophie Thurber

    A Strong Political Campaign Strategy Means a Strong Campaign

    At any level, campaign fundamentals can mean the difference between building a winning or losing political campaign strategy. A lot of this will seem like common sense (and it is), but bear with me, because a lot of this stuff often falls by the wayside as campaigns are being built. In essence, a strong political campaign strategy (meaning, the overall plan to achieve an electoral victory) should rest on a foundation of some very basic building blocks and principles that will help to…
  • Tips Issue Advocacy Campaigns Can Use to Grow Their Base

    Picture of rainbow arrows pointing up
    Posted on Dec 26, 2019 by Sophie Thurber, Lizzie Kendrick

    Issue Advocacy Campaigns Need to Expand Their Reach–Here's How

    At The Campaign Workshop, we love issue advocacy campaigns. As consultants, we get to work on a wide variety of campaigns and with a wide variety of clients. While we could never pick a favorite, working with a group of passionate people to make a substantive change on an issue they care about is our jam. People working on advocacy campaigns are the experts in their issues and are a true resource when we are working hand in hand on crafting a campaign to reach…
  • Make Your Non-Profit Print Ad Pop

    Rainbow slinky on a pink backdrop
    Posted on Dec 23, 2019 by Ben Holse, Shelley Rees

    Best Practices for a Non-Profit Print Ad

    Whether it’s for Coca-Cola, AARP, or your local 4-H club, the goal of a print ad remains largely the same: get the reader to take an action. That action could be buying more pop, calling Congress, or raising a prize pig. To make that happen, you need to catch people’s attention and then clearly and concisely tell them what you want them to do. A print ad can be expensive, so make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Below are a few of the best-practices we have used to create advocacy print ads for…
  • 7 Questions on Political Writing

    Bird's eye view of a man working on his laptop on a circular, wooden, coffee table with a cup of coffee.
    Posted on Dec 19, 2019 by Ben Holse

    Learn a Few Best Practices on Political Writing

    Recently a student at Queens University, Stephen Crotty, reached out to The Campaign Workshop with questions for his paper on political writing. Stephen’s questions were really thoughtful and forced me think critically about some of the things I do when communicating for politics. Stephen kindly agreed to let us repost his questions and my responses as a 7 questions post.  What are the most prevalent genres of writing that workers in political campaigns encounter? Studies have shown that a voter…
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