• Campaign Message: Contrast in Political Communications

    Posted on Dec 02, 2013 by The Campaign Workshop

    Campaign Message: How to Be an Orange Running Against Apples

    When you boil it down, elections are all about choices. Voters are choosing this candidate or that one. Some even argue that staying home and not voting is exercising choice, though I don’t find that argument (or tactic) particularly effective. In order to convince voters to choose you, your political communications have to show why you are the best choice. The best way to do that is to…
  • How to Make a Good Non-Profit Print Ad

    Posted on Nov 28, 2013 by Ben Holse

    For a Non-Profit Print Ad to Work, Someone Has to Take Notice

    Whether its Coca-Cola or the Pug (our favorite local dive here in DC), AARP or your local 4H club, the goal of a print ad remains largely the same. Get the reader to take action. That action could be selling more pop, getting more people in for the big game, getting members to call Congress, or raising a prize pig. For your non-profit print ad, this is accomplished by succinctly informing, educating and…
  • Union Printers | Political Printing & Campaign Mailers

    Posted on Nov 18, 2013 by The Campaign Workshop

    Union Printers and The Campaign Workshop

    We love union printers, and union printing is a commitment we take seriously. The printing we produce – from client direct mail to our business cards – features the union printing label. That label is there because we use union printers. The union printing label, referred to as a union “bug,” is the equivalent of an artist’s signature on their painting. It shows that the men and women who printed our pieces are members of a…
  • Big Ballot Initiative Win for Cincinnati Retirees and Labor!

    Posted on Nov 15, 2013 by The Campaign Workshop

    Tea Party Loses Big on Cincinnati Ballot Initiative

    I’m sure it’s no surprise to any of you that last Tuesday Terry McAuliffe won the Gubernatorial election in Virginia – though the Attorney General race is still too close to officially call – and Chris Christie easily won re-election in New Jersey. It also likely doesn’t come as a surprise that Bill de Blasio wrapped up a big victory in his election as Mayor of New York City and that Marty Walsh, a former Labor organizer, and current State Representative, won in the first open race for Mayor…
  • Online Advertising Doesn't Mean Instant

    Posted on Nov 14, 2013 by Sophie Thurber

    Fast and Instant Are Different

    While it’s true that the world of online advertising is fast-paced, and it certainly gives us information much more quickly than any other medium, banking on instantaneous traction is a good way to fall short of your goals.  This is because online advertising is not a synonym for instant. Planning ahead will give you time to really define your goals and make sure your campaign has the right components and the right…
  • Micro Targeting: Advanced Targeting Is Key to Winning

    Posted on Oct 31, 2013 by The Campaign Workshop

    Advanced Targeting Tips for Your Campaign

    Advanced targeting can be the advantage you need to win your campaign. Before we get deep into micro targeting voter modeling other advanced targeting,  let’s start off by defining targeting so that we are all on the same page. This is a basic rule for all campaigns: candidates, ballot,…
  • Advocacy: What Came First, the Chicken or the Budget?

    Posted on Oct 24, 2013 by Sophie Thurber

    Advocacy Budget: Defining Your Bottom Line Will Save You Time and Money

    I know you’re on the edge of your seats, but this is really no chicken and the egg conundrum I’m about to solve for you.  When you’re looking to develop an advocacy program, your budget should always come first.  This is because you can develop a program that is scalable to almost any scenario. So let’s break it down.  The problem, in an eggshell (I’ll be here all week), is that when a client comes to me and wants me to put together a program for them, but doesn’t have a…
  • The Importance of Proofing All Campaign Materials

    Posted on Oct 21, 2013 by The Campaign Workshop

    Learn to Proof Stuff Good!

    Not all of you know me personally, so I’ll share that my mother is a professional editor for medical journals. You can imagine what asking her to proofread my essays for English class was like growing up. I would get papers back dripping with red ink and all sorts of hieroglyphic symbols indicating where I needed commas or had dangled a participle. Needless to say, I probably get my grammarian tendencies from her. Wherever it comes…
  • Tips to Mitigate Volunteer Flake Rate in Your Grassroots Campaign

    Posted on Oct 17, 2013 by Ben Holse

    Stop Grassroots Volunteers From Bailing

     Running a grassroots campaign is hard. There are always going to be grassroots volunteers who sign up for shifts and do not show up. That’s why when organizing an event, you can generally assume a 50% flake rate (percentage of grassroots volunteers who do not show up for their shift).  More often than not, however, with the right coaxing, you can get a volunteer, who would have otherwise failed, to turn out for their shift. Below are a few suggestions to help you to mitigate your flake rate. Confirm,…
  • Tips for Your Election Day Stress Test

    Posted on Oct 10, 2013 by Ben Holse

    Election Day: Don't Stress, Just Test!

    Before Election Day it’s important that you have a chance to test your campaign’s ground operation. After all, even the best-laid plans can go awry. Testing ensures that your organization can maintain its composure under pressure and gives you an opportunity to iron out any snags before the big day. The best way to test your operation is by creating an Election Day stress test that simulates your operation on the big day. In order for a stress test to be effective, you will need to treat it as if it were…
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