• The Benefits of Testing for Nonprofits

    Posted on Oct 07, 2013 by Lizzie Kendrick

    Nonprofits and Testing are a Match Made in Analytical Heaven

    No matter the size of your nonprofit, testing should be a key component of everything you do online. In my opinion, nonprofits have an advantage over political campaigns in that they are ongoing operations and can test tactics over a longer period of time, garnering incredibly beneficial data. There are a ton of ways nonprofits can use testing online, and the best thing about it is you don’t have to have a huge…
  • Political Yard Signs Don't Vote

    Posted on Oct 03, 2013 by The Campaign Workshop

    It's True! Political Yard Signs ≠ Votes

    Now I like a political yard sign as much as the next political junkie, but very early on I was taught that POLITICAL YARD SIGNS DON’T VOTE. I have heard all of the excuses of why your city is different and unique, and that if you don’t have more campaign yard signs than your opponent then you will lose. Reality check: it has been my experience that this is absolutely not true. Now your city may very well be…
  • Political Direct Mail Isn't the Dinosaur in the Room

    Posted on Sep 30, 2013 by Sophie Thurber

    Political Direct Mail Isn't the Dinosaur in the Room

    Not long ago, I was at a happy hour and someone asked me what I did. I ran through my usual, "I do political direct mail and online advertising for progressives," and the response I got was incredulity (always fun when one's livelihood inspires that kind of reaction): "Snail mail? Does that even work anymore?" So without further ado, I give you a defense of political direct mail. Checking the mail is still a daily ritual for many Americans. While a lot of younger Americans are both…
  • Stretching Minimal Resources for Political Campaigns

    Posted on Sep 26, 2013 by Ben Holse

    Making Your Political Campaign Budget Work

    It is likely that at some point in the political campaign you will encounter the need  to stretch minimal resources. Below are a few tips pertaining to the most vital organizing resources to help extend them as far as they can go: Printer Toner/Paper: When your political campaign offers printer toner and paper, always ask for more than you need and keep a small, secret stash for a rainy day. It’s inevitable that the night before your biggest canvass, you’ll run out of printer toner. Whenever possible…
  • The Importance of Self-Research for Political Candidates

    Posted on Sep 19, 2013 by The Campaign Workshop

    Know Thyself and Self-Research

    We teach a lot about research on campaigns, and most candidates see the benefits and try to make room in the budget for polling. But although many candidates will do research on their opponents, what many first time (and second and third time) candidates don’t do is get a self-research book done on themselves. Why one may ask, would I need research done on me? I know my background. Here are 3 reasons why…
  • Canvassing Rural Areas

    Posted on Sep 16, 2013 by Ben Holse

    Canvassing Rural Areas: Door to Door Isn't the Same Everywhere

    Canvassing rural areas present a unique set of challenges. While you want to canvass as many homes in these areas as you can, as grassroots canvassing is the most effective method of volunteer voter contact, you also want to do so in a way that makes sense for both you and your canvassers. Below are a couple of suggestions for overcoming the challenges of rural canvassing: 1) Open up your specs as wide as you can when pulling a list for sparsely populated areas in order to create…
  • Why Campaign Polling Is Critical to Down Ballot Wins

    Posted on Sep 12, 2013 by The Campaign Workshop

    What campaign polling can do for down-ballot races

    Creating a political campaign budget is all about choices. What do I think I can raise, and what will I spend it on? One thing that more down-ballot races should consider is campaign polling. If you’re running for a citywide office, a countywide office, or any office where more than a few thousand votes determine the winner, a good poll done by a professional pollster is a wise investment. Here’s why: Your  polling can provide you with a road map to victory. Based on the sample, your…
  • Political Campaign Photography Rights Managed vs. Royalty Free Photos

    Posted on Sep 09, 2013 by Sophie Thurber

    Political Campaign Photography: Those Photos Aren't Free You Know!

    Photos are a great way to enhance your communications. We work to use custom political campaign photography and custom photo shoots for nonprofits and organizations whenever we can but based on budget and timing it is not always possible to do a shoot. So many time rights managed and royalty free photos are your only options.  Knowing that you pulled an image from a blog that included an…
  • FSC & SFI Certification for Printers

    Posted on Sep 05, 2013 by The Campaign Workshop

    Printers Going Green

    How are printing companies turning into green companies? Many printing companies today have embraced new technologies and new initiatives to advance the printing industry into the 21st century while being respectful to the environment. One way printers are working to become “green” is by obtaining FSC and SCI certifications that monitor and ensure the chain of custody of printing papers from forest to consumer, and all the steps in between. (There are two organizations that are primarily responsible for providing…
  • Empowering Volunteer Leaders

    Posted on Aug 30, 2013 by Ben Holse

    You Can't Do It All Yourself

    Even if you were to never sleep, as a campaign organizer you can only do so much. There is, however, a way to vastly increase your organizing capacity, and that’s by empowering your volunteers to become peer leaders. Utilizing volunteer leaders, you can successfully run multiple phone banks and canvasses at the same time, in different parts of your turf! Once empowered, these leaders are also the people most likely to hold your team together during off cycle years. Thus it is worthwhile to develop volunteer leaders…
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