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Campaign Budget: Paid Media vs. Earned Media

by The Campaign Workshop

You’ve decided to run for office - congratulations! You’re probably wondering how to get your message out to the community, and you might be a little overwhelmed by all your options. it's time for your campaign budget to come to to the rescue.

2016 Democratic Campaign

How Democrats Can Jumpstart Their Campaigns for 2016

by The Campaign Workshop

Races are heating up, but there are a number of exciting opportunities for Democrats up and down the ticket. Here are some tips to jumpstart your Democratic campaign:

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Working Around Other Political Campaigns

by Ben Holse (He/Him)

Political Campaigns usually don't work alone. It’s highly likely that you are not the only political campaign being waged in your turf at any given time. Things can get especially dicey when you have to share a turf, and also run your political campaigns out of the same party headquarters.