• Online Petitions: Is it time to get rid of the clipboard?

    Jun 08, 2020 by Elena Veatch

    Students signing petitions opposed to online petitions

    Online Petitions: Build Your Email List - With Digital List Building

    You don’t need a clipboard for online petitions, but you do need a strategy.

    Online petitions are a great way to bolster your supporter base around an issue. You can use a digital action as a hook to get folks involved with your campaign or cause in the long run. List building isn’t always easy, quick, or cheap—make sure you plan ahead so you can do it right and make the most out of your new supporters.

    How do online petitions work?

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  • 7 Questions with Ballot Initiative Expert, Lewis Granofsky

    Jul 17, 2019

    7 Questions with Lewis Granofsky

    7 Questions with Lewis Granofsky, Partner at FieldWorks on Ballot Measures and Ballot Campaigns

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  • Petition vs. Action: Social Activism Online and Offline

    Jan 15, 2018

    Social Activism

    How to Use Social Activism Online and Offline. Which Tactic is Best For Your Advocacy Campaign?

    When Donald Trump won the election in 2016, a wave of social activism took over the country and has been building ever since. People are taking to the streets and protesting on an almost weekly basis. Many advocacy organizations have benefited from this momentum and gained supporters and donations.

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