Supply Chain Issues Memo

Supply Chain Memo

Supply Chain Issues

If you are planning to run any kind of communications program this year, supply chain issues are something you need to be planning around. These issues will quickly throw your entire program off-track if you are not planning ahead. 

The pandemic has caused serious problems with mail, digital, phones, and traditional broadcast mediums. Materials, labor costs, and timing have been impacted across all mediums. These issues are causing delays with dropshipping and longer USPS delivery times, as well as longer approval times for digital and greater costs for video production, canvas programs, and phone programs.  

Don't panic! We've thought through what problems to anticipate and how to plan ahead to be prepared. Download our comprehensive document that overviews all things supply chain, including issues and solutions. 

Check it out and please contact us if you need help navigating supply chain issues for your upcoming programs.