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Campaign volunteers

Get Those Grassroots Campaign Volunteers to Work!

Once you get campaign volunteers into the office, it’s imperative that you push them to make as much voter contact as possible. Below are a few tips on how to get your campaign volunteers to work as hard as they can for as long as they can:

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The Future of Political Organizing | Grassroots Organizers

political organizing

What Does The Future Of Political Organizing Look Like?

We’ve written a lot about political organizing and tools like canvassing and phone banking in the past. But what does the future of political organizing hold? As a former organizer who likes to stay up to date on all the latest trends, allow me to dust off my crystal ball and give you my take on the future of political organizing.

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Tips to Mitigate Volunteer Flake Rate in Your Grassroots Campaign

5 Tips for Reducing Campaign Volunteer Flake Rate

Stop Grassroots Volunteers From Bailing

 Running a grassroots campaign is hard. There are always going to be grassroots volunteers who sign up for shifts and do not show up. That’s why when organizing an event, you can generally assume a 50% flake rate (percentage of grassroots volunteers who do not show up for their shift).  More often than not, however, with the right coaxing, you can get a volunteer, who would have otherwise failed, to turn out for their shift. Below are a few suggestions to help you to mitigate your flake rate.

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