Ditch the Clipboard for Online Petitions

Students signing petitions opposed to online petitions

Online Petitions Can Build Your Email List 

You don’t need a clipboard for online petitions, but you do need a strategy.

Online petitions are a great way to bolster your supporter base around an issue. You can use a digital action as a hook to get folks involved with your campaign or cause in the long run. List building isn’t always easy, quick, or cheap—make sure you plan ahead so you can do it right and make the most out of your new supporters.

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Digital Advocacy: Develop an Advocacy Advertising Strategy

Digital Advocacy

Digital Advocacy Advertising Strategy: Where Do I Start?

Want to start a digital advocacy campaign but having trouble setting priorities and figuring out where to start?  Creating an advocacy strategy and setting a clear goal for your campaign is  an important first step in the success of your program. As we discuss in our ebook, Guide to Digital Advocacy, here are few helpful tips to get you started. 

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Cost Per Acquisition Campaign Strategies

Cost per Acquisition

Get More from Your Nonprofit Cost per Acquisition Campaign

For a long time we have worked with publishers like Change.org, Care2 and Daily Kos on cost per acquisition (CPA) campaigns. Often the ROI is good on those names for both fundraising and advocacy, but for some, a purely petition driven cost per acquisition strategy is not yielding the benefit it once did.

There will always be a need for list building vehicles – and petitions can and should be a part of it – but if folks use it as their only means, they may burn out the tactic and not develop any real alternatives.

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