Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership Defined: Move Your Public Affairs Forward

by Joe Fuld (He/Him)

Thought leadership is not used to its true potential in public affairs. With so much noise out there, engaging thought leaders to build a public campaign around a policy or public affairs goal can be really important. Especially these days, separating your issue from the rest and making it a priority is a necessity. Similar to storytelling , thought leadership is about engaging community stakeholders to tell their reasons behind moving an issue forward.

newspaper folded up with a tablet on top of it. Backdrop is light blue.

Earned Media to Improve the Credibility of Your Independent Expenditure

by The Campaign Workshop

When it comes to your independent expenditure strategy, earned media doesn’t need to be your enemy, it can be your friend. Earned media can actually help you raise awareness for your independent expenditure campaign and improve engagement with your campaign amongst the general public. Whether you attract positive or negative attention, well, that’s on you!

campaign budget media for Your Campaign

Campaign Budget: Paid Media vs. Earned Media

by The Campaign Workshop

You’ve decided to run for office - congratulations! You’re probably wondering how to get your message out to the community, and you might be a little overwhelmed by all your options. it's time for your campaign budget to come to to the rescue.