GOTV: The ABCs of Get Out The Vote

abcs of GOTV

It's time for our favorite acronym, GOTV- Get Out the Vote

As Election Day, Absentee and Early Vote rounds the corner, it becomes increasingly important to reach out to potential voters and Get Out the Vote. GOTV is an essential part of any campaign strategy and can make the difference between winning and losing on and before Election Day. 

Get Out the Vote can mean different things to different types of political campaigns, as well as people.

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Get Out the Vote: 5 Tips for GOTV Scripts

Get Out the Vote

Learn How to Write the Perfect Get Out The Vote Script

Get Out The Vote scripts are important because, in the vast majority of cases, they are your last chance to talk to your campaign’s core supporters to encourage them to vote. Therefore, it’s important that you make a lasting impression with these people and engage with them in a way that will resonate enough that they’ll take an hour our of their day and go vote. With that being said, below are our 5 tips on making sure you make your Get Out The Vote canvassing or phone GOTV script work for you:

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GOTV Plan: 15 Get Out the Vote Myths Busted

GOTV Planning: Let's Bust Some Myths!

Get Out The Vote and a good Get Out The Vote plan (GOTV Plan) is something we as a firm, spend hours talking about. There is lots of  lore, superstition, mythology, and bad ideas around get out the vote.

There is no cable show dedicated to busting myths about political tactics, but if there was, GOTV myths would surely be a hot topic.  Over the years, there have been a lot of notions about Get Out The Vote programs that I believe are wrong. Here is my attempt to dispel these get out the vote myths and show it as a cornerstone in the foundation of any campaign plan.

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How Much of My Budget Should Go to Political Mailers?

political mailers

Political Mailers Hint: It's Not as Cut and Dry as You Think

Running for office requires quite a bit of planning. We’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, it’s important to have a campaign budget with realistic fundraising goals. But how do you know what portion of your budget should go to political mailers? Unfortunately, there’s no magic number. That being said, there is an industry standard, best practice suggestion of allocating a minimum of 70% of your budget to direct voter contact. (That means everything else, from pens and office space to yard signs, should be no more than 30% of your budget.)

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How to Write the Perfect GOTV Phone Script

GOTV phone script writting

The Ins and Outs of Writing a GOTV Phone Script

A phone script can have a lot of different purposes. Today we focus on the GOTV phone script.  Here are the basic questions to ask to make sure your GOTV phones stand out:

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Political Direct Mail in the Digital Age

Political Direct Mail in the Digital Age

Hal Malchow Tells Us How Political Direct Mail in the Digital Age Is Still Relevant

Last week we released our first ebook: Political Direct Mail In The Digital Age. The book explains why with all the technology we have, political direct mail in the digital age is still relevant. We explain how you should decide on direct mail and targeted communications strategies for political and advocacy campaigns. We also discuss the cost of direct mail, micro-targeting strategies and how to use direct mail for GOTV.

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GOTV: What Do You Need for Get Out The Vote?

GOTV- here is what you need for get out the vote

GOTV is Your Friend (With Benefits)

GOTV matters. Campaigns require long hours, uncomfortable conversations about money and immense dedication from the candidate, staffers and volunteers.  After all the time and money you pour into a campaign (not to mention your sanity), it’s important to finish strong with a robust GOTV program.  Here are a few things to think about for Get Out The Vote as you plan your last push to the finish line:

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Political Direct Mail: Do Voters Read It?

Do voters still read political direct mail

Political Direct Mail: Just Because You Don't Read Your Political Direct Mail, Doesn't Mean No One Does

Do people read political direct mail? In a word, yes. While you and your young, hip, whippersnapper friends get all your bills online and don’t read political mail until the pile is so high it tips over, people who vote actually read their mail on a regular basis. It’s science. In fact, studies have shown that the people most likely to vote, tend to be older, female, they don’t move around too much (so their address on the Voterfile is probably correct). These are people who actually look at their political direct mail, even if they have automatic bill pay set up for all their utilities. They remember a time when getting mail that wasn’t a bill was pretty exciting stuff.  What does this mean? campaign mail is still very much relevant when communicating with the average voter.

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