Harnessing the Power of Negative Keywords

negative keywords

Negative Keywords Can Help Prevent a Whole Lot of Confusion

Do you know what a negative keywords are? As anyone who has ever used Google can attest, what comes up in your search is not always relevant to what you were actually looking for. Negative keywords are very specific words or phrases that you want to block from your target keyword list in an ad campaign to ensure that your ads will not be shown around those specific words. These words often share grammatical similarities to keywords you would like to target, but have a vastly different meaning. 

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How Cheap Is Digital Advocacy?

digital advertising

Digital Advocacy Advertising Is Comparatively Cheap, but an Effective Buy May Still Cost You

Per unit, digital advocacy advertising is comparatively cheap – while you may spend several hundred dollars (or more) per point on TV, your cost per thousand impressions (CPM) can be as little as a dollar or two for digital advertising. That means that digital advertising can be a fantastic way to reach out to supporters and promote your advocacy campaign when you’re working with limited dollars.

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Winning Advocacy Strategies for 2015 and Beyond

Advocacy Strategies for 2015 and beyond

The Evolution of Advocacy Strategies

Advocacy strategies have changed a lot over the last 20 years. When I was a chief of staff in the New York State Legislature, I don't remember there ever being a real advocacy campaign around public support of an issue that focused on legislators. The main way groups moved legislation was to hire a lobbyist and that was really it. There were occasional print ads and lobby days, but day-to-day mass contact from constituents that were driven by member groups were few and far between. Today, we spend a lot of time running advocacy campaigns on the state level.  Issue advocacy tactics that were once only used on large, federal issues are now seen on smaller federal issues as well as state and municipal issues.

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Non-profit Board Utilization

Non- Profit Board of Directors

Getting the Most Out of Your Non-Profit Board of Directors

Running a non-profit is not easy. but your non-profit board can help your organization go from drab to fab. Fully utilizing your non-profit board can make the difference between a sluggish or vibrant organization. Here are some tips to up your board's performance and give them a meaningful experience.

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Campaign Toolbox Tips

Working with a Campaign Toolbox

Open up Your Campaign Toolbox, What Will You Find?

We understand what it’s like to operate a campaign on a tight budget, so we’ve found some free tools to include in your campaign toolbox to help you along the way.  We hope you will find them useful as you launch your campaign or look for ways to better organize it. to ve clear no campaign tool will solve all of your campaigns problems.  Whether fundraising for a nonprofit, managing an independent expenditure campaign, or seeking office, a few of these tools will surely help you along your way.

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Political Campaign Photography Matters

Political Campaign Photography

Dont Skimp on Political Campaign Photography

Political campaign photography matters. The quality of the photos provided for mail, walk cards, etc., are crucially important. Nowadays, everyone is used to seeing glossy, vibrant photos on screen, and assume they can grab a digital photo off the Internet and include it on their campaign lit. They are often surprised that the photo is not as clear, crisp or vibrant as the on-screen versions.

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Digital Advertising- How Much To Spend?

digital advertising

Putting Together Your Digital Advertising Advocacy Budget? What Is a Realistic Amount to Make an Impact?

It’s no longer news that digital advertising should be incorporated in any successful advocacy campaign. However, when building your budget, just how much should you dedicate to digital advertising in order to make a real impact? If you are going to incorporate television into your campaign, a good rule of thumb is that you should dedicate 10% of your TV budget to digital. This might seem like a high amount to some, but let’s consider what you are getting with a digital buy.

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Measuring Conversions Across Devices

Measuring conversions across devices

Measuring Conversions Across Devices Using Facebook

Recently Facebook launched cross-device reporting for Facebook ads, which will help in measuring conversions of all of an individual's devices. We have grown beyond just using desktops. Now folks are using multiple devices and advertisers and publisher are adjusting to connect with consumers.  Facebook's cross-device reporting enables advertisers to see how people are moving between devices before they convert into donors, supporters, volunteers, etc. Reaching supporters across multiple devices is incredibly important for digital advertising today and it’s not exactly groundbreaking that people are surfing the web on more than just their desktop computer. When you look specifically at Facebook, it’s even more apparent that people are checking their accounts on every device they have.

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How Do I Organize A Candidate Photo Shoot?

Candidate Photo Shoots

A Beginners Guide to Putting Together a Candidate Photo Shoot

So, you are going to put together your first candidate photo shoot, great! As we’ve written before, producing custom photography is one of the best ways to increase the impact and appeal of your political direct mail. But where do you begin? Well, there’s a lot to do, and if you don’t prepare in advance, chances are your campaign shoot won’t go that well. Below is a beginner’s guide to organizing a candidate photo shoot that will hopefully help you start planning.

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