Campaign Toolbox Tips

Working with a Campaign Toolbox

Open up Your Campaign Toolbox, What Will You Find?

We understand what it’s like to operate a campaign on a tight budget, so we’ve found some free tools to include in your campaign toolbox to help you along the way.  We hope you will find them useful as you launch your campaign or look for ways to better organize it. to ve clear no campaign tool will solve all of your campaigns problems.  Whether fundraising for a nonprofit, managing an independent expenditure campaign, or seeking office, a few of these tools will surely help you along your way.

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Political Campaign Photography Matters

Political Campaign Photography

Dont Skimp on Political Campaign Photography

Political campaign photography matters. The quality of the photos provided for mail, walk cards, etc., are crucially important. Nowadays, everyone is used to seeing glossy, vibrant photos on screen, and assume they can grab a digital photo off the Internet and include it on their campaign lit. They are often surprised that the photo is not as clear, crisp or vibrant as the on-screen versions.

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How Do I Organize A Candidate Photo Shoot?

Candidate Photo Shoots

A Beginners Guide to Putting Together a Candidate Photo Shoot

So, you are going to put together your first candidate photo shoot, great! As we’ve written before, producing custom photography is one of the best ways to increase the impact and appeal of your political direct mail. But where do you begin? Well, there’s a lot to do, and if you don’t prepare in advance, chances are your campaign shoot won’t go that well. Below is a beginner’s guide to organizing a candidate photo shoot that will hopefully help you start planning.

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GOTV Tactics for Advocacy

GOTV Tactics for Advocacy

Using GOTV Techniques for Advocacy and Organizing

Advocacy campaigns get inspired by GOTV.  Get Out The Vote, has come a long way. A good GOTV program can give a political campaign a big lift and those tactics are now being used for advocacy. you can read more about GOTV techniques here and here. GOTV techniques have transcended their former use as “valued election tools”, and are now the core component of modern GOTV Tactics. They are being turned into engagement plans and are being used in advocacy, nonprofit organizing, and the corporate world. 

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Digital Organizing Tool Review

Thinking About Digital Organizing Tools

The Latest Digital Organizing Tools from PDF 2014

In early June, a few of us from The Campaign Workshop attended the Personal Democracy Forum (PDF) in New York. One session I really enjoyed during the conference was called, “Tools for Democratic Self-Organizing,” which focused on introducing tools that make it easier for people to coordinate decision-making within communities by connecting candidates and elected officials with their constituencies. Below is a list of the tools shared in the session.

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Where Do I Get Voter Data for Democratic Direct Mail and Field Programs?

voter file

Good Voter File=Good Democratic Direct Mail

Most Democratic candidates should be able to get access to a good voter file, with some useful models, through your state party. (Depending on your state party’s rules, you may need to look for another source for some non-partisan city races and/or primaries.) Your state party file is likely your first and best option as a candidate – and uses many of the data sources below – but if that isn’t possible take a look at these firms. All of the descriptions are directly from the firms’ own websites.

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Micro Targeting: Advanced Targeting Is Key to Winning

Advanced Targeting Is Key to WInning

Advanced Targeting Tips for Your Campaign

Advanced targeting can be the advantage you need to win your campaign. Before we get deep into micro targeting voter modeling other advanced targeting,  let’s start off by defining targeting so that we are all on the same page. This is a basic rule for all campaigns: candidates, ballot, independent expenditure, etc. Targeting (sometimes referred to as micro targeting) is looking at your whole district or universe and then narrowing it down to the people you need to communicate with to win. Every campaign has limits - people, time, money or all of the above. Effectively targeting helps you use your limited resources as effectively as possible.

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Political Direct Mail Printing Paper

Political Direct Mail Printing Paper

Choosing Political Direct Mail Printing Paper

When it comes to political direct mail printing paper, there are as many choices as there are types of coffee drinks at your local Starbucks. Each paper type has specific characteristics that influence not only printability, color and texture, but also price.

Most political direct mail  printing paper starts out as a wood fiber-based, uncoated paper. To create coated stock, the paper is then coated with a white clay or filler material then calibrated to obtain a hard, smooth printing surface. Coated papers are less porous, allowing ink to sit better on top of the sheet, whereas uncoated paper is more porous and ink is more likely to be absorbed into the paper. The porous nature of the paper will have a huge influence on the final look and feel of the printed piece. Coated paper is most likely to be used for materials with heavy ink coverage and when using full color photography in the design.

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