Josh Greene

7 Questions with Josh Greene

by The Campaign Workshop

Josh Greene is the CEO of The Mather Group - where he focuses on utilizing Wikipedia, SEO, retargeting and pay-per-click (PPC) as means to improve clients’ online presence and website traffic. Josh worked in corporate marketing before starting the Mather group and has a keen understanding of how SEO and web presence can enhance a brand. This week, we asked Josh 7 questions about his work.

Two women looking at a laptop on a table advocacy website RFP

Advocacy Website RFP: What Questions Should I Ask?

by Joe Fuld (He/Him)

This is often the time of year when folks think about updating or building a new advocacy website. You may have a had the same website for years now, the look is stale, the platform is old, integrations are bad, and your site is not achieving the goals you would like it to. If your team is thinking it is time to update or redo your website but is unsure where to start, this is the resource for you.

A woman looking at her political campaign website at her home.
Black glasses on a white backdrop

Political Campaign Website: How to Rank in Google Searches

by The Campaign Workshop

With platforms like Squarespace and WordPress, it’s become pretty easy for campaigns to set up their own political campaign websites. That being said, now that the average joe can build a website without a backend developer, it’s now harder for a website to be seen via organic search. Simply put, there’s a lot of crap out there that your site is competing with.

nonprofit content marketing

Nonprofit Content Marketing: Harness The Power of Published Content

by Joe Fuld (He/Him)

Getting your issue out organically through blog posts, videos and infographics might seem like a lift, but most organizations are publishing content all the time - and see themselves as thought leaders. The big issues organizations have with publishing material is harnessing the content they already produce.

SEO Checklist and Best Practices

SEO Checklist and Best Practices for Content Marketing

by The Campaign Workshop

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be tricky and at times confusing. SEO is an online content specific strategy to help increase the number of views and visitors to your website. By adhering to certain tactics and rules, your website can obtain a high ranking placement on a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. A higher placement equals more visitors and views. We love SEO so we broke down the basic best practices to follow with a one of a kind SEO Checklist!