Nonprofit Content Marketing: Harness The Power of Published Content

by Joe Fuld (He/Him)

nonprofit content marketing

You are Already Doing Nonprofit Content Marketing

Getting your issue out organically through blog posts, videos and infographics might seem like a lift, but most organizations are publishing content all the time - and see themselves as thought leaders. The big issues organizations have with publishing material is harnessing the content they already produce.  What departments of your organization are publishing content? What kind? When? A true nonprofit content marketing strategy will help all parts of your organization come together and focus on publishing content to promote your key issues.

A Cross-Department Problem:

Nonprofit content marketing is a challenging for organizations large and small because content is created across multiple departments. Building a process to organize content is essential to any organization. A universal content calendar (some of our favorites: coschedule, teamup, Hubspot) will help you look at content being produced and scheduled across all your departments.

Change the Way You Write:

Folks have developed bad wiring habits over the years and they don’t understand the new reality of non-profit communications. 

Research Your Issue:

Understand how people search for issues and how they phrase those issues. The actual way people talk about an issue is more important than the way you say it. Most of the time, how groups discuss their issue is not how people search for it. To be effective with nonprofit content marketing, you need to talk about the issue in a way that it is easily found.  

Create Engagement and Conversions Around Your Issue:

Think about what a good call to action for your cause would be? Is it writing a check? Calling a lawmaker? Volunteering time? Remember to create urgency, and to ask for action at the beginning middle and end of the post. 

Optimize Your Content:

Research keywords surrounding an issue you would like to talk about in your content. Optimizing around keywords will help you increase your SEO ranking and show up in Google searches

Produce Content Often:

If you wan to build engagement for the long term, you will need to publish content at least 2 times per week. 

Rank for Keywords:

It may be really tough to rank for certain keywords, but that should not matter if it is issue that you write a ton about. Eventually, your organization will rank for it, if your site has a following, credibility and you engage on the issue.

Have questions about how to get going on Nonprofit Content Marketing? Drop us a note…