should non profits leave twitter/x

Should Nonprofits Leave Twitter/X?

by Joe Fuld (He/Him)

As nonprofits leave Twitter or X, we discuss the implications of this decision and where nonprofits can go instead. Before you go, plan the next steps and consider the impact on your organization. This post serves as an update to one of last year's most engaging discussions.

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How Use Twitter as a Tool During Your Campaign
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twitter for advocacy

Twitter for Your Next Advocacy Campaign

by The Campaign Workshop

The simple concept of Twitter is to post short thoughts- 140 character thoughts to be exact. In a just a sentence or two, millions of people worldwide (310 million monthly active users) engage in conversations, find information, and express their feelings on a multitude of relevant topics. Whether it be a large event like a presidential debate or a local issue like a ballot measure, Twitter can be a significant social media platform for your advocacy campaign.