With Countable, constituents can easily contact, demand action from, and hold their lawmakers accountable. Countable allows you to put petitions onto the site, get people to sign your petition, create and share videos, and take action on your behalf.


read more » is a great place to launch a petition and grow your base of support. Direct your petition at a politician, corporation, organization or person, and share it on social media and other platforms to grow your list of supporters. Just as inspiring as seeing your signatures grow? Tuning in to’s list of victories, which illustrate once again how powerful our voices can be when they come together.

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ActionSprout is a great tool that allows you to host an action within your Facebook page. It also provides a great set of metrics to measure your post performance and let you invite people to like your page when they have liked a post but not your page.

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Action Network

A fantastic petition tool for your site, with a growing suite of other campaign tools (think mass emails and surveys) built for progressive organizations and campaigns. Great for collaborative, coalition-based efforts, Action Network is also embeddable, so you can keep your branding consistent.

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