Advocacy Video Tips for Internet Success

Apr 17, 2017
advocacy video

Straightforward Ideas to Get your Advocacy Video Seen and Shared 

The viral success of the Ice Bucket Challenge showed us how powerful a great advocacy video can be, but trying to copy the format of that campaign isn’t the best way to make a splash. Instead, make sure your video is unique to your mission and relevant to your audience. Check out the following tips to ensure your video get seen and shared. 
Grab Attention Immediately

The first three seconds of your advocacy video are the most crucial. If you don’t draw your audience in immediately, they will likely scroll or click away. Using those first few seconds to show something unexpected; a close-up of someone’s face or movement, are great strategies to catch the eye and pique your audience’s interest, so they’ll stay long enough to see the rest of your message.

Tell a Relatable Story

You want your video to be relatable so your audience can emotionally connect with it. A story format can help draw your audience in, just make sure it feels authentic to you and your mission. The way you shoot the video can also help with that connection. If your message is specific to one geographic location, using footage of places that are immediately identifiable to locals is a good way to let people know that your advocacy video applies to them. If you’re trying to reach a much wider audience, using more generic footage that looks like it could have been shot in any town will prompt your audience to fill in the blanks with their own towns and lived experiences.

Use Visual Cues to Generate Action

If you want people to make an action, you can use movement in your video to direct your audience where you want them to go. Ideally, you will have your advocacy video set up in an environment where a call-to-action button is physically close to the video player. If you know where that button or link is in relation to the video set up, you can shoot footage of someone pointing in that direction. You could also try a simple animation of an arrow that points towards the button.  

Make Your Audience Look Good

If you’re hoping to make a viral video, you need it to be shared across social media. When you’re thinking about the advocacy video you want to make, think about what type of video will make your audience want to share it with their friends. People like to share videos that make them look good, so something that’s funny, unexpected, or emotionally moving can make people want to be the first one to post it. One of the reasons the Ice Bucket Challenge video was so popular was the social element that gave people the opportunity to show their friends that they care while adding in some friendly competition. 

In short, to make a successful advocacy, you must consider how your audience will watch it. Your message is important so make sure no one skips or scroll.

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Advocacy Video

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